A Stitch In Time

Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
Beginners are many, but enders are few.
Honour, power, place, and praise
Will come, in time, to the one who stays.

Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
Will come life's victories, after awhile.

–Jack M. Lyon and others, ed.,
Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People, (1996), 255–56

Starting a project is easy. Working on something new has a momentum of its own. But when the excitement wears off or you hit a snag, it is easy to set it aside and move on to something else. There is something to be said for seeing a project through to completion. So, I'd like to offer you a little motivation, some encouragement, a place to show off those finishes and an opportunity to win some goodies each month that you finish a project with a little stitching in it! This page will always have the current month's linky party and you can link up here if you can't find your way to the actual post. You will find links to all the previous linky parties.

April 2014 Linky Party

I love spring! The longer days and the pretty colors just bring contentment to my heart. All the extra daylight and plants coming to life gives me a bit of renewed energy, too. There are about 50 things I want to work on. Finding the time is the only problem. I'm working on a few tote bags right now, which I hope to have finished soon. After that, two or three different Ph.D quilts are begging to be worked on and I need to put together signature blocks for a quilt for a woman in my neighborhood who is turning 100 years old this year {I decided on the flower layout, if you were curious}. At any rate, I'm hoping that April will be full of finishes for both me and you! Let the linking begin!

To participate in this month's linky party:
• Your project must be completed sometime in April 2014.
• Once you've got your project finished {as in done, finito, nothing more to add, ready to use/display/give away} with some sort of stitching in it, blog about it or post a photo of it on Flickr.
• Scroll down to see what other bloggers are up to and link to your own finishes.
• Please include the April button in your blog post. Copy the code in the text box below and paste it somewhere in the post you link for this month's finishes. The button is a link to this specific post, so that other bloggers can find their way over and link up too. If you'd like a button for your sidebar, the code is at the bottom of this post.
April Finishes

• Each time you link up a finished project, you're entered to win the April giveaway, a Dottie Charm Pack by Moda.
Dottie Charm Pack

• Thank you to The Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our giveaway!

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The Fine Print {which might be boring but you really should read}:
• Your project must be completed during the month you are linking to.
• Projects must include stitching of some sort. For example: appliqué, crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, practical sewing {garment construction, bags, curtains, etc.}, quilting.
• Projects must be completely finished. As in done, finito, nothing more to add, ready to use/display/give away.
• You can pick something new to do, but projects do not have to be started during the month. If you pick up a UFO, Ph.D, WIP and finish it during the month, it counts.
• Finishes must be completed during this month, but you have until 5:00 pm MST on the 1st of the next month to link your post.
• Post about your finish and then link your specific post {instructions here} above. Links to your blog and not the individual post about your finished project will be deleted.
• Have more than one finish this month? Great! Post about each finish individually and then link the specific posts up separately. Each finish, and therefore each link you add, counts as one entry for this month's giveaway.
• If you've already posted about a finish for this month, there's no need to do a separate post. Just add the button to that post and link up.
• Please copy and paste the code below to include this month's button somewhere in the post {not your sidebar} you link up for this month.

• Don't have a blog? You can link from your flickr account. Just post a picture, include a little note about your finish and a link back here {code included below} in the description. Then join the linky party.

• Want a button for your sidebar? Copy and paste the code below into an HTML gadget for your sidebar. This button is a link to the main A Stitch In Time Linky Party page, which always has the current month's finishes and links to all previous linky parties.
A Stitch In Time Linky Party

• Make sure to visit a few of the other links and leave them some love {ie, a comment}. A good rule of thumb is to visit two links for every one you include.
• Winner of the sponsored giveaway will be drawn randomly from among the links and announced by 8:00 pm MST by the 5th of the following month.
• Kindly consider changing your comment settings to the pop-up window option for faster and easier commenting for visitors to your blog. Instructions can be found here.