Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mormon Messages: Daily Bread — Experience

I think what we have to do when the pressures are there and the clouds are dark and threatening is take life a day at a time. It helps at times not to think too far ahead just do what the day requires. "Give us this day our daily bread." We are not anticipating the hardship or suffering that might be entailed. We sometimes just have to break it down to this moment, this day. And while deliverance isn't immediate and you may not see the end, still, you've got enough for today. –D. Todd Christofferson

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Jennifer Lovell said...

This hit the spot for me today. I've got a trial that I need softened, and it's been hard to pray for the whole thing to go away. Praying to have the strength to get through it one step at a time seems a lot more feasible! Thanks for posting things that help :).