Monday, March 17, 2014

Apron № 111: Honey Bees II

Behold in spring see everything
Alive and cloth'd with beauty
Shall I alone an idle drone
Be slothful in my duty?
To gather honey see the bee fly
Around from flower to flower
A good example there for me
To well improve each hour.

-Shaker Hymn, derived from a poem by Isaac Watts

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lady who had seen my Honey Bees Apron and wanted to know if I could make one for her daughter, who is a bee keeper with her grandpa on his farm and whose birthday was coming up.

I wasn't able to find the exact same fabrics, but what I did find was even cuter, I think, than the first apron. Her birthday is today, and I think she looks absolutely adorable in her new apron!

I'd like so send a shout-out to my dad {who is already in bed, I'm sure}. It's his birthday too, today! I love you, dad. I hope you had a great day!

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Shay said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad E...hope he had a fabulous day.

That apron is soooooo cute! I still haven't made any (hangs head in shame )

Paulette said...

How adorable--both the apron and the wearer! Hope your dad had a great birthday.