About Me

My name is Elizabeth. And I love my name. It's quite a mouthful, or so I've been told. Most of my family drops the 'E' and just calls me Lizabeth. I don't go much for Beth or Liz. Eliza isn't a favorite either. So, if Elizabeth is too much and it must be shortened, you can call me E, which is how I sign my name, or I like El {hopefully that doesn't conjure visions of masked marauders with Spanish accents}. I have an aunt who calls me Libby and I think that is just fun. I also like Lizzie. Yes. I like Lizzie. You might be wondering what the difference is between Liz and Lizzie. Three letters and a whole lot of flirt. Liz is angular and severe. Lizzie just sounds like more fun.

In the virtual world, I use LizzieBug as my user name. Sort-of. I blew my secret identity a long time ago because I like my given name too much. The Bug part of LizzieBug comes from the fact that I had a 1968 VW Bug when I was in college. My dad painted it for me. It was Candy Apple Red with an Oxblood back end and a zigzag on the sides where the color changed from one to the other. I loved it. LIZYBUG would have been on the personalized license plate if I had been clever enough to think of it at the time. I have a really great family, for whom I have devised clever pseudonyms; Mr. Bug is my husband, Grasshopper is our son and LadyBug is our daughter.

The name of my blog, Such a Sew and Sew is a play on the term so-and-so. When you call someone a so-and-so, it means that you either don't know who they are or forgot their name {I realize the www is a big place and I don't make that much of a splash}, or you're using it in place of a epithet {I have a strong personality. Not everybody in the world is going to like me. I'm over it}. And more than anything, I like to sew. I sew nearly every day because it makes me happy.

This is my creative place. I love creativity in all shapes and sizes, but sewing is my first love. My mom taught me when I was about 8 years old. I started out with pillow cases and shorts and then moved on to more complex garment construction, taking private sewing classes and Jr. High and High School Home Ec. sewing. In High School I made a couple of quilts and quite a few prom dresses for my friends and I've even made a couple of wedding dresses. I took kind of a break from sewing through my 20's to pursue other creative endeavors, but a few years ago I was bitten by the quilting bug and that is my current creative passion. I also love gardening, reading and my family. You'll read about each of those in turn, and cooking {while not something I particularly love, but am able to do a passable job at} will sometimes make an appearance.

And here are a few random things about me. 1) I have lived in Utah my whole life, except for 18 months, when I served an LDS Mission in Brasil. Thus, 2) I speak Português. 3) I met my husband on a blind date. 3 weeks and 10 dates later we got engaged and 3 months after that we got married. 4) Just a few days before our 12th anniversary we decided to take a trip to Disney World in Orlando. This was a Tuesday. We were on a plane on Wednesday. 5) Our children were both delivered by c-section {planned is preferable to semi-emergency}. 6) I was 33 when I got braces for the first time. 7) I love gardening. I worry about my plants almost as much as I worry about my kids. 8) I was a total nerd in High School. I was president of the FHA, lettered in Home Economics and got a serger as a graduation gift. 9) My first and favorite job was at an amusement park called Lagoon. I worked there for five summers and two winters. 10) I worked at two different fabric stores in my winters off from the amusement park. 11) I own 21 pairs of scissors. 12) I would love to attend a Masquerade Ball. 13) My dream home will include a LEGO room with LEGO tables and LEGO shelves and a LEGO floor and soft comfy slippers at the door so if you accidentally step on a LEGO {because they will never have to be put away} it won't hurt your foot. 14) I'm the oldest of six kids. Mr. Bug is the oldest of eight kids. Together, we have 36 nieces and nephews {and counting}. Correspondingly, our children, the Little Bugs, have 36 cousins. 15) I like to sleep on my stomach and I scoot way down so my toes can hang over the bottom edge of the mattress. 16) I'm obsessed with making cute things and if one is good, two {or a hundred} is better. 17) I keep my Twilight obsession pretty close to the vest, unless you read my blog. 18) I would like to learn to play the banjo.