Friday, January 24, 2014

We're Not In Disney Anymore Day 7: Keep Calm and Carry-On

No misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse. –Jeffrey R. Holland, The Tongue of Angels, April 2007

Friday, January 24, 2014
Destination: Home, Take Two
Weather Forecast: We don't care about the weather. Just get us home.

4:39 am, EST [2:39 am, MST]: The airline just called. Our flight has been bumped from 8:35 am to 10:00 am. I suppose they thought it would make me less grumpy if they called at 4:29 am to warn me, rather than letting me find out when I got to the airport at 6:30 am. I'm really not sure which would have made me less grumpy.
7:00 am, EST [5:00 am, MST]: Alarm. Too. Grumpy. To. Be. Awake.
7:35 am, EST [5:35 am, MST]: We're catching a shuttle to the airport. I'm still grumpy.
7:55 am, EST [5:55 am, MST]: We just checked in for our flight home. Again.
8:08 am, EST [6:08 am, MST]: We're all over the map for breakfast this morning. Grasshopper is very fond of the Egg McMuffin with hash browns and orange Juice. Mr. Bug just wants juice and LadyBug wants doughnuts. I want something without dairy, so I'm getting Panda Express — String Bean Chicken and Chow Mein.
8:26 am, EST [6:26 am, MST]: People with food in their stomachs are much more pleasant.
9:03 am, EST [7:03 am, MST]: We made it through the TSA Security Check again, and hopefully for the last time for a good long while. Boarding starts at 9:30. I'm so glad to be heading home.
9:22 am, EST [7:22 am, MST]: Wait. What's this? The flight has been bumped back to noon. All of my toiletries are in my checked bag, which is who knows where, and I'm wearing the same clothes and undies as yesterday. But at least I still have my carry-on, which has a few small items that will keep me entertained.
9:47 am, EST [7:47 am, MST]: . . . waiting . . .
10:33 am, EST [8:33 am, MST]: . . . still waiting . . .
11:00 am, EST [9:00 am, MST]: The airline employee just announced that we are probably going to depart at noon and they will make further announcements. We surmised as much from the display board.
11:16 am, EST [9:16 am, MST]: . . . and more waiting . . .
11:50 am, EST [9:50 am, MST]: The airline employee just announced that maintenance has asked for a few more minutes and to please be patient while they finish up. I'm beginning to wonder if this is the same plane as last night.
12:09 pm, EST [10:09 am, MST]: The airline employee announced that they are doing a taxi test and if everything is OK, we can begin boarding. Now it is hurry-up-and-wait.
Disembodied Voice on the overhead speaker: The local time is 12:30 pm. I don't think that is helping.
12:39 pm, EST [10:39 am, MST]: LadyBug and I have decided to get something to eat from Burger King. Mr. Bug and Grasshopper declined, but they'll be sorry when we get back with our food.
12:52 pm, EST [10:52 am, MST]: I was right. Grasshopper wants pizza. I told Mr. Bug that they probably have plenty of time to go get something.
1:17 pm, EST [11:17 am, MST]: I was right again. We've all eaten, thrown out our trash, been to the restroom, washed our hands, checked to make sure we had our luggage and finally they are starting to board.
1:31 pm, EST [11:31 pm, MST]: We are on board, ready for take-off. We hope. Apparently, a light was out on the dash and legally the plane couldn't take off without it. It was a tricky thing to fix — the light that is; there's absolutely nothing wrong with the plane — but it's all good and we're on our way.
3:58 pm, CST [2:58 pm, MST]: Touch-down in Dallas Ft/Worth; we were re-routed slightly mid-flight. That, combined with the huge delay in leaving, caused us to miss our rescheduled, rescheduled, rescheduled connecting flight. It left 30 minutes ago. Once again, I'm a little annoyed.
4:04 pm, CST [3:04 pm, MST]: We're waiting to get up to the gate — there is a fire truck with flashing lights parked where we need to park. How many things can go wrong in one 24-hour period?
4:23 pm, CST [3:23 pm, MST]: They found us a new gate. As we came out, we asked the airline employee at the podium for help in changing our connecting flight. She told us we'd have to go two gates down for that because they needed to start boarding the next flight. I have a lot of not very nice things to say about that.
4:33 pm, CST [3:33 pm, MST]: We found our way two gates down. Our next flight is at 6:40 pm. Yeeehaw. More waiting. I can't wait!
4:34 pm, CST [4:34 pm, MST]: Mr. Bug just told me he must be at his limit for all of this because he nearly bit the head off the woman who declined to help us. That is saying a lot. Mr. Bug is probably the most patient person I know. I'm amused with the prospect and frankly, would have liked to see that.
5:33 pm, CST [4:33 pm, MST]: I've pretty much had it for the day too. I managed to get another food voucher from the less than sympathetic and completely unhelpful airline employees. We're waiting for our order now.
6:13 pm, CST [5:13 pm, MST]: We are now boarding. We're all crossing our fingers for no more mechanical malfunctions today.
8:00 pm, MST Touchdown in good old Salt Lake City. Let there be no further difficulty in finding our checked bag and let us get home quickly.
8:36 pm, MST Bag acquired, shuttle to parking boarded. Let's not jinx this, but we might make it home before 10:00 pm.
10:27 pm, MST We made it with nothing eventful to report. I'll be so glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. I just opened the suitcase and something exploded in one of the toiletry bags. From the smell of it, I'd say conditioner. I'm not even going to think about it until tomorrow. I've had enough adventures for one day.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 6: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye

There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story. –Frank Herbert

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Destination: A Quick Trip To Epcot and Then Home
Weather Forecast: High of 61˚

11:15 am, EST [9:15 am, MST]: This morning was another slow start. We're all really tired. I'm not sure how many miles we've walked, but there was a lot of walking. It would have been fun to bring a pedometer. I'll have to remember that for next time. Anyway, it was a slow start and then a mad dash from about 10:15 on to get everything packed and ready for check out.
11:31 am, EST [9:31 am, MST]: We've dropped our checked bag off with the Magical Express luggage service, which will take it to the airport for us. And we're leaving our carry-on luggage with their bag storage facility. They'll hold on to them until it is time to leave for the airport.
11:40 am, EST [9:40 am, MST]: We're catching a shuttle to Epcot to spend a few more hours there. We already did pretty much everything there, except for Soarin', which we don't really have time for today. Simulator rides make me queasy anyway, even with Dramamine {Sidebar: I've always gotten a little motion sick riding in cars but over the last few years, things that did not used to bother me kind of do now}.
12:14 pm, EST [10:14 am, MST]: Lunch today is at Les Chefs de France. Charlotte, at the hostess stand, is from France. Now that I look at the name tags and catch bits of conversations, nearly everyone who works here is from France. Our garçon charmant {charming waiter}, Teo, is from Montpellier, in the South of France. I happen to know where in France Montpellier is located because Mr. Bug served an LDS Mission in the South of France and one of the cities he lived in was Montpellier. I had planned on asking Mr. Bug if he was going to say anything to the waiter after he'd gone to get drinks, but he beat me to the punch and told Teo, in French, that he lived in Montpellier. They had a small conversation, which I got the gist of and then Teo turned to me and asked if I also spoke French. I told him I did not, but spoke Portuguese. To be honest, I was very nervous to eat in a fancy French restaurant because I've heard that the French . . . don't like Americans too much. But everyone has been given their best Disney spit and polish and what Disney does best is hospitality. This is my specially prepared dairy-free dessert. Is it not gorgeous? It tastes as good as it looks.
1:40 pm, EST [11:20 am, MST]: We had to do the requisite milling about. It was our last chance. And bathroom breaks, of course. We also made a last-minute Disney Trading Pin purchase for LadyBug. She had to have a few Stitch pins.
2:16 pm, EST [12:16 pm, MST]: We're right on schedule in catching a shuttle back to the hotel.
2:28 pm, EST [12:28 pm, MST]: We have just enough time to get our bags from the storage area and get to the motor coach that will take us back to the airport.
2:40 pm, EST [12:40 pm, MST]: We're on our way to the airport. We'll have to stop and pick up passengers at the Riverside resort as well and then it is about 30 minutes to the airport.
3:42 pm, EST [1:42 pm, MST]: We made it to the Orlando International airport. Our flight doesn't leave for two hours. Maybe do can do some milling about.
4:34 pm, EST [2:42 pm, MST]: After a peek in at the Universal Studios gift shop {where I met a young boy, maybe 12 years old, who was from Brasil. I was looking at the wands from Harry Potter and he started telling me about which ones he had. I recognized his accent and told him that I speak Portuguese. We had a little conversation and then we were both on our way} and a bit more milling about, we are at our gate. By the way, the TSA Security Check gets two thumbs down from me. I'm SO glad that's the last time I have to do that for a while.
5:45 pm, EST [3:45 pm, MST]: Our plane should be departing right now but there are lots of people around the podium still and they haven't even called to start boarding. I guess they are trying to fit standby passengers from the last flight onto this one. They've also announced that they will do a complimentary bag check for anyone who wants to send their carry-on along to their final destination. I really think we should check a couple of bags, but Mr. Bug and the Not-So-Little Bugs are against it.
6:06 pm, EST [4:06 pm, MST]: Our flight is finally boarding but we had so much fun that we've decided to stay. We're getting jobs at Disney and we're going to live here. Only kidding. Sort of. We're in our seats anyway.
6:17 pm, EST [4:17 pm, MST]: This is a newer plane with view screens that lower from the overhead compartments. They are having technical difficulties with the FAA Safety video. They are scrambling to find the right props and script so they can show us how to fasten our seat belts, where the exits are and how to use the air bags should there be a sudden drop in cabin pressure the old-fashioned way. It is kind of funny.
6:20 pm, EST [4:20 pm, MST]: Actually, we might be staying after all. The captain just announced that there are some technical difficulties with the yaw dampener. We're taxiing back to the gate so maintenance can have a look. The captain asked everyone to just sit tight for a few minutes.
6:34 pm, EST [4:34 pm, MST]: We're back at the gate and maintenance is looking into the problem. I'm getting kind of anxious because I don't know how long we have in Dallas before we have to catch our connecting flight.
6:42 pm, EST [4:42 pm, MST]: The aircraft is officially out of service. The captain insists that the flight would be terribly uncomfortable for everyone without a yaw dampener. The replacement plane will be leaving at 9:00 pm.
7:17 pm, EST [5:17 pm, MST]: The agent I talked to on the phone said the next flight was actually at 10:40 pm, so we got our flight changed. We're staying one more night in Orlando. We'll be leaving at 8:35 tomorrow morning and arriving in Salt Lake at 1:40 pm.
7:53 pm, EST [5:53 pm, MST]: I got vouchers for meals and a hotel tonight squared away with the airline. I'm really kind of bummed. We could have spent a whole other day at Disney.
8:24 pm, EST [6:46 pm, MST]: We're sitting down to dinner at the Macaroni Grill, compliments {mostly} of the airline.
9:13 pm, EST [7:13 pm, MST]: Now we're trying to find transportation to the hotel. I heard a rumor about a shuttle somewhere. The only thing I can see is the Disney Magical Express area. Maybe I'll just go and ask over there. We're not staying with them anymore, but I'm sure they would be nice enough to help.
10:03 pm, EST [8:03 pm, MST]: Sure enough. The greeter at the Disney Magical Express knew exactly what to do and was very nice about it. We got to the hotel, but one thing is for sure: we're not in Disney anymore. On the plus side, the toilet paper isn't tissue paper thin {I don't think I mentioned this before. The toilet paper is the only thing that isn't hospitable about Disney. Oh, and the toilets flush at full hurricane force.}. On the minus side there are two double beds. On the plus side, they're not hard as bricks.
10:19 pm, EST [8:19 pm, MST]: It's going to be an early morning tomorrow. Lights out.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 5: Magic Our Way

Disney Fun Fact: Disneyland in California would fit inside the parking lot at The Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Destination: The Magic Kingdom
Weather Forecast: High of 57˚

7:30 am, EST [5:30 am, MST]: I thought I'd try setting my alarm for 7:30 again, but yep. It's too early today, too.
9:00 am, EST [7:00 am, MST]: Ok, ok. I'm up.
10:59 am, EST [8:59 am, MST]: We're out the door. Finally. What did we spend all morning doing?
11:03 am, EST [9:03 am, MST]: I'm making a quick stop at the gift shop to get some locking pin backs. I'm wearing my lanyard of Disney Trading Pins and I don't want any of them to fall off. I'm hoping to find a pin trading station today. I've seen several of them, but didn't have my pins with me.
11:10 am, EST [9:10 am, MST]: Oops. I forgot the Dramamine. We're already at the shuttle stop, but I don't dare go without. Hopefully I can make it to the room and back before our shuttle comes.
11:19 am, EST [9:19 am, MST]: I made it back, and the shuttle didn't come while I was gone. That's good.
11:35 am, EST [9:35 am, MST]: And . . . we're still waiting.
11:55 am, EST [9:55 am, MST]: We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom. From the Disney app, our plans for the day:
12:16 pm, EST [10:16 am, MST]: We've completed the requisite milling about, restroom stops and map consultation. We've boarded the Disney Railroad and will be departing from the Main Street Station momentarily.
12:23 pm, EST [10:23 am, MST]: We disembarked at the Adventureland Station, wandered over to Tomorrowland, found snacks, milled about some more and used the restroom. We're off to a smashing start.
12:51 pm, EST [10:51 am, MST]: The standby line for Space Mountain is only 20 minutes. That's Grasshopper's favorite and LadyBug likes it pretty well too, so we're going for it. Wait times are short today.
1:47 pm, EST [11:57 am, MST]: The wait times are increasing; it is handy to have the app. At the moment, we're using our FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain and are glad we don't have to wait in line for 45 minutes.
2:18 pm, EST [12:18 pm, MST]: It's time for a late lunch. Up first, pizza for Grasshopper and LadyBug.
2:42 pm, EST [12:42 pm, MST]: And now tuna salad sandwiches for Mr. Bug and me. {We had to go to two different places to get what everyone was after.}
3:05 pm, EST [1:05 pm, MST]: We made it to our Haunted Mansion FastPass by the skin of our teeth. I love the hitchhiking ghosts {who have learned a few new tricks since I was last here}. They are totally fun. ♫♪ Grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize. ♪♫
3:42 pm, EST [1:43 pm, MST]: We're boarding the Jungle Cruise via the FastPass line. And the jokes are just as cheesy as I remember. Although there is something quite . . . endearing . . . about a plump, grey-haired, grandmotherly-type woman with deadpan delivery who is outfitted in jungle gear and driving a boat.
4:02 pm, EST [2:02 pm, MST]: We're doing a little exploring at the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. And some of our party may or may not be a little grumpy. I think we've hit a mid-afternoon slump.
4:16 pm, EST [2:16 pm, MST] Time for a rest stop/bathroom break/consultation of the map. Today, it's a little bit cool. We didn't rent a locker because we've kept our coats on all day. As the temperatures go down, so does the crowd and correspondingly, the wait times.
7:08 pm, EST [5:08 pm, MST]: We hit our stride took full advantage of the short wait times. We've rode Pirates of the Caribbean, after which we headed on over to Tomorrowland and did Stitch's Great Escape, the People Mover, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and the Tomorrowland Speedway. Then we cut back across to Fantasyland and rode It's A Small World. The wait for it has been pretty non-existent all day, but every time I suggested it, the Not-So-Little Bugs soundly dismissed it. In the end, I prevailed and although the wait time was listed at 5 minutes, we really didn't wait at all. I didn't find anyone to trade pins with today, though. We're at the shuttle stop now, waiting for a bus to take us to the Port Orleans - Riverside resort {which is just North of where we are staying}, where we have reservations at Boatwright's Dining Hall for dinner.
8:07 pm, EST [6:07 pm, MST]: It was a really long wait for a shuttle, but we made it to the restaurant only a few minutes late for our reservation. LadyBug is pretty much done for the day. She's put her head on the table and I'm fairly certain that she's asleep.
9:43 pm, EST [7:43 pm, MST]: Dinner was delicious. I had Voodoo Chicken; cajun blackened with peach marmalade on top with a side of rice and collard greens. I even ate the collard greens. They weren't too bad. LadyBug woke up to eat and she and the boys had New York Strip Sirloins which, I hear, were delicious as well. We took the Water Taxi back to our resort {Port Orleans- French Quarter} and LadyBug and Mr. Bug headed to our room. Grasshopper and I are now taking a very cold trip farther down river to Downtown Disney because Grasshoppper has his heart set on taking home another set of LEGOs. It is so hard to resist an entire store of LEGOs.
10:35 pm, EST [8:35 pm, MST]: LEGOS successfully procured. Grasshopper found a smokin' deal on the sale shelf. 50% off. Now that's what I'm talking about. We're on the boat now and when we get back to the hotel, I'm headed straight for a nice, long, hot shower.
10:56 pm, EST [8:56 pm, MST]: It's time to call it a night. Our trip is over tomorrow and we'll be heading home. I'm a little bit sad to be leaving so soon. It went by too quickly.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 4: It's A Small World

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears,
It's a world of hopes and a world of fears.
There's so much that we share that it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all.

There is just one moon and one golden sun,
And a smile means friendship to every one.
Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide,
It's a small world after all!

It's a small world after all!
It's a small world after all!
It's a small world after all!
It's a small, small world.

It's A Small World by Richard Sherman & Robert Sherman

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Destiation: Epcot Center
Weather Forecast: High of 75˚

7:30 am, EST [5:30 am, MST]: Why did I set the alarm for 7:30? Previous experience tells me it is too early.
8:30 am, EST [6:30 am, MST]: On vacation. Check back later.
9:00 am, EST [7:00 am, MST]: OK. It's time to get serious about this vacation.
11:02 am, EST [9:02 am, MST]: It was a slow morning, but we're finally catching the shuttle to Epcot. We're all dragging a little today.
11:16 am, EST [9:16 am, MST]: That was a quick trip. Epcot is the closest park to our hotel, and we even stopped to pick up passengers at 4 places at the Port Orleans - Riverside hotel.
11:43 am, EST [9:43 am, MST]: Today is supposed to be really warm. Already the sun is bright, so we stopped to get sunglasses for LadyBug and while we were at the little cart I got another Disney Trading Pin. Then we had to rent a locker, because even though it is supposed to hit 75˚, it gets cool in the evenings. And while I was paying for the locker rental, I bought another Disney Trading Pin. It's an addiction. I'm seeking help. Then we did the requisite milling about/bathroom breaks. It's time to get this party started.
11:45 am, EST [9:45 am, MST]: We're on our way to our lunch reservation, but the wait time for The Seas w/Nemo & Friends is pretty nonexistent, so we're going to hop on.
11:47 pm, EST [9:47 am MST]: The people behind us are speaking Portuguese. Almost all of the people speaking a foreign language here are speaking Portuguese. It is pretty cool. They have little survey takers who stop random guests as they enter the park and this morning, the woman who stopped me was from Brasil {everyone's name tag has their home city and state or country listed below their name. It is really fun! I love to read them.}. And some people waiting for the shuttle yesterday were from Brazil. I actually said hello and asked them where they are from. I kind of want to say hello to this cute couple in line today, but I'm not really a great conversationalist even in English, much less in very rusty Portuguese.
12:09 pm, EST [10:09 am, MST]: The Nemo ride was really fun. And then we wandered around and looked at what was going on in the attached aquarium for a bit. We are really late for our lunch reservations, but they will squeeze us in as soon as they can. I hope it is sooner, rather than later.
12:57 pm, EST [10:57 am, MST]: This restaurant is really cool. The aquarium here is pretty giant and there are four huge ceiling-to-floor observation windows on one wall of the restaurant. There are also observation windows in the Nemo ride and, as mentioned, after you get off. They have three different water tour options — you can actually go SCUBA diving in the tanks {with the sharks!} if you're certified. There is also a dolphin encounter and a SCUBA assisted snorkeling tour {no certification required}, but they all require prior planning. That would have been cool. I'll remember for next time. Anyway, back to the restaurant. It's called the Coral Reef. This is officially the most expensive meal we've ever eaten. And if not for the Disney Dining Plan {I know, I sound like I'm selling something here, but I'm not. I am receiving no compensation of any kind — just telling it how it is for us.}, we definitely would not have eaten here.
1:52 pm, EST [11:52 am, MST]: Lunch was awesome! It is starting to rain so we're going to get our jackets from our locker. And I'm sure that anyone who didn't use the bathroom at the restaurant will have to do that too.
2:00 pm, EST [12:00 pm, MST]: The rain has now become a downpour. The lockers are indoors and just across from Spaceship Earth, which, conveniently is our first FastPass of the day. We made a mad dash from the lockers to the queue, which is covered. Hopefully it will pass as quickly as it came in.
2:23 pm, EST [12:23 pm, MST]: The rain stopped while we were in Spaceship Earth. LadyBug, who is our Official Disney World Vacation Map Keeper has just checked the time and our FastPass reservations and suggests that we head for the next one, which will be available in 7 minutes.
2:38 pm, EST [12:38 pm, MST]: The Chevrolet Test track is temporarily closed. Perhaps due to the rain?
2:43 pm, EST [12:43 pm, MST]: We've decided to take a small detour to Mission: SPACE. The wait is short and we've still got 45 minutes until our Test Track FastPasses expire {unless the ride is still closed at that time, in which case, we could use our FastPass any time the ride is open during the rest of the day}.
2:47 pm, EST [12:47 pm, MST]: This is a simulator ride — good thing I took my Dramamine today. Still, they offer two different versions of the ride and we're going for the less intense one, just to be safe. LadyBug has been assigned to be Mission Navigator {with buttons to push, and everything}, Mr. Bug is the Pilot, Grasshopper is the Mission Commander and I'm the Engineer {in charge of expanding the wings when its time. We all have buttons we get to push. Nifty.}
3:15 pm, EST [1:15 pm, MST]: Mission: SPACE was cool. We're back at the Test Track. They've changed this too, since I was on it last. You get to digitally design your own car and then see how your specs meet the test track challenges.
4:08 pm, EST [2:08 pm, MST]: The Test Track is totally awesome! Grasshopper, especially, really liked it. We got up to 60 MPH on the straightaway. After some milling about, we've arrived at Living with the Land. We have FastPasses that become available at 4:30, but there is zero wait time. They're practically begging people to get on and they are sending boats half-empty. We're going to skip the FastPass this time.
4:43 pm, EST [2:43 pm, MST]: There's no wait for Captain EO, either. They've digitally remastered the 1986 film, which played for 18 years, and brought it back. Confession: I had such a crush on Michael Jackson, circa 1986.
4:52 pm, EST [2:52 pm, MST]: Confession #2: I'm having a really hard time staying awake through Captain EO. I think we're all really tired. And some of us are a little grumpy, although I won't mention names.
5:04 pm, EST [3:02 pm, MST]: Time for some more aimless milling about. No one can agree on what to do next.
5:38 pm, EST [3:38 pm, MST]: We're still milling about, but we've put it to good use and now we're milling about the World Showcase, with tours through Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, America, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.
6:04 pm, EST [4:04 pm, MST]: We've stopped in America for soft pretzels and soda. The pretzels are shaped like Mickey Mouse. Grasshopper fed some of his to some very friendly ducks and now they're trying to make friends with LadyBug, perhaps hoping for something else tasty to eat.
6:16 pm, EST [4:16 pm, MST]: We made our way through Italy, Germany and China and now we've stopped in Norway to ride Maelstrom. Rides that go backwards {i.e., Expedition Everest} are awesome. Boat rides that go backwards {i.e., Maelstrom} are even awesomer.
6:45 pm, EST [4:45 pm, MST]: We've just got Mexico left to see and then we are headed back to our hotel to soak our feet and rub them with peppermint-y lotion.
8:32 pm, EST [6:32 pm, MST]: We're going back up the Sassagola River for dinner at the Riverside Mill Food Court.
9:07 pm, EST [7:07 pm, MST]: Refillable souvenir mugs were included with our package. We just picked them up tonight {because who wants to tote a mug around with them everywhere?} and there is a little chip or something in them that tells you when your refills expire. You set the cup down on the soda dispenser, it makes a magical sound and starts to dispense your soda and a little display screen tells you what day your refills expire. To buy them, they are some ridiculous amount per day, but you have unlimited refills during that calendar day. Leave it to Disney . . .
9:47 pm, EST [7:47 pm, MST]: Because of winds, the Water Taxi is closed, so we're taking the path along the River back to our hotel, where we will fall, I'm sure, exhausted into bed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Step inside, you leave everything else behind. Once you enter, there is no going back.The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Screenplay by Doug Miro, Matt Lopez, Carlo Bernard

Monday, January 20, 2014
Destination: Disney's Hollywood Studios
Weather Forecast: High of 70˚

8:00 am, EST [6:00 am, MST]: OK. I'm up.
9:19 am, EST [7:19 am, MST]: Bathing, dressing, herding of the cats successfully completed.
9:40 am, EST [7:40 am, MST]: Today we are going to Downtown Disney to visit the LEGO store there. Grasshopper and LadyBug have a little spending money and they want to take advantage of a whole store full of LEGOs in close proximity. We are taking the Sassagoula Water Taxi again. It is a beautiful ride. Then again, everything here is beautiful to me. While it's not exactly the season for lush green lawns, they are mostly green and not covered in snow. That qualifies as beautiful to me. Mr. Bug lived in Florida for 4 years when he was serving in the Navy and he said he got absolutely bored with the weather, so I guess there is something to be said for having four different seasons rather than hot and less hot.
10:17 am, EST [8:17 am, MST]: We've arrived at Downtown Disney and decided that the breakfast menus aren't all that appetizing. We're going to do our shopping first and then we'll find some lunch.
12:02 pm, EST [10:02 am, MST]: Our shopping is done. Grasshopper and LadyBug both chose to make their own LEGO mini figures. There were probably 16 containers which you could sift through to find exactly the right parts to assemble to create the perfect little LEGO man or woman. Grasshopper also picked out a small LEGO set on which to spend the remainder of his money. LadyBug and I went to The House of Disney, where she picked out a Stitch {as in Lilo and Stitch} stuffed animal/alien to use the rest of her spending money on. I choose a few more Disney Trading Pins and a pair of Mickey silhouette earrings. Mr. Bug is looking for a polo shirt, but hasn't found the right one yet.
12:13 pm, EST [10:13 am, EST]: Today, we're eating at Wolfgang Puck Express. This is a Quick Service {as in, fast food} restaurant. We rarely pay as much for a sit-down meal as this cost. I'm completely sold on the Disney Dining Plan. When we booked there was a really great special going on, or I probably wouldn't have got it. But now that I've seen what meals cost and what you're allotted on the Dining Plan, I am a believer. It is much less stressful to pay for it all up front and then be able to order what you like from the menu, tap your MagicBand, enter your pin and go. Granted, we would be doing things differently if we were on the pay-as-you-go plan {i.e. sharing meals, skipping desserts, etc.}, but this is a lot less stressful, as I mentioned. And not much food is going to waste. Grasshopper has vowed to eat his weight in whatever he's having at any particular meal. And sometimes he eats what's left of other people's meals too.
1:00 pm, EST [11:00 am, MST]: We thought we could take a shuttle from here to our park of choice for the day, but we cannot. We have to go back to our hotel via shuttle or Water Taxis. That's a little stressful as we're running short on time. Our first FastPass for today is available between 1:00 pm {a.k.a. now} and 2:00 pm.
1:05 pm, EST [11:05 am, MST]: Lucky for us, there was a water taxi waiting to leave just as we arrived at the dock. We're on our way back to the hotel. It is a very lovely ride. I want to take some pictures, but I'm afraid I'll drop my phone over the side of the boat. That would not be good.
1:34 pm, EST [11:34 am, MST]: Having stopped in our room for a quick potty break {sidebar: it seems like when you're traveling you're always in pursuit of a bathroom or a meal.} and to drop off our purchases, we just missed the shuttle to Disney's Hollywood Studios, or so we've been informed by the other people waiting for a shuttle {obviously to a different park}. The app won't let me change the time on our FastPass, so now I'm starting to sweat it.
1:42 pm, EST [ 11:42 am, MST]: The shuttle is here. It seems like we were waiting forever. I hope the driver has a lead foot.
2:17 pm, EST [12:17 pm, MST]: We made it to the park, took photos out front, rented a locker, took another bathroom break and checked at the FastPass Kiosk, but could not change our FastPass, so we missed Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. The current wait time in 70 minutes and no one wants to do that. {Sidebar: Surprisingly, it is possible to be grumpy in The Most Magical Place On Earth.}
2:40 pm, EST [12:40 pm, MST]: After milling about for a bit, our FastPass at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has become available. Grasshopper is not going to ride. I am torn between not wanting to miss anything and not wanting to be dropped from 13 stories high. Repeatedly.
2:41 pm, EST [12:41 pm, MST]: I left my phone with Grasshopper and have joined LadyBug and Mr. Bug, who can't wait for the ride to begin, in the line.
3:04 pm EST [1:04 pm, MST]: Grasshopper got creative with the camera phone while we were in The Tower of Terror.
4:10 pm, EST [2:10 pm, MST]: We've had frozen lemonade, ridden The Great Movie Ride, made an attempt to catch a show, but it was packed by the time Grasshopper and Mr. Bug finished in the restroom, so we milled about for a bit and now our Fast Past for Star Tours is available.
4:25 pm, EST [2:25 pm, MST]: My cover as a spy for the rebellion has been blown. I can even by a t-shirt that says so. {Sidebar: Star Tours has changed since I last rode it.}
5:15 pm, EST [3:15 pm, MST]: We just finished the Muppet Vision 3D show and are seated and waiting for the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular to start. I'm really glad to have a place to sit and rest my feet. We are definitely going to soak our feet again tonight and use that nice peppermint-y lotion on them.
5:53 pm, EST [3:53 pm, MST]: Today was nice and sunny. For a minute there, I wondered if I should have applied sunblock. It's starting to cool off now, so we're going to get our coats from the locker. And find a bathroom.
6:07 pm, EST [4:07 pm, MST]: After some milling about, we've stopped to consult the map and check the wait times.
6:35 pm, EST [4:35 pm, MST]: After consulting the clock, we realized that we didn't have time to do anything but check in for our 6:20 pm dinner reservations at Hollywood and Vine. They seated us a few minutes ago. LadyBug is having a complete meltdown because there is nothing on the entire buffet that she wants to eat. Not even the chicken nuggets. I'm wondering if I heard/remembered right everything the chef told that had dairy in it as we walked me down the buffet.
7:36 pm, EST [5:36 pm, MST]: Mr. Bug got LadyBug some chocolate ice cream from the dessert bar. Eating dessert first is always bound to improve your mood, so eventually she did eat something. A very little something. And then some more chocolate ice cream. When on vacation . . . We haven't decided whether we want to wait in line for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster or not. The wait is down to 40 minutes, which is the best it's been all day.
7:42 pm, EST [5:42 pm, MST]: After some more milling about, and contemplating the possibility of me staying to ride the roller coaster {because I'm the only one whose interested, I guess} we've decided to all head for the shuttles.
8:00 pm, EST [6:00 pm, MST]: Ah, home-away-from-home sweet home.
10:19 pm, EST [8:19 pm, MST]: LadyBug and I soaked our feet and then I massaged them while Grasshopper put together his new LEGO set. About an hour ago, LadyBug decided she was hungry {because chocolate ice cream and roast beef does not a dinner make, even in The Magic Kingdom}, so Mr. Bug took her to find some food. I tooled around on the interwebs and now it is time for bed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 2: A Bug's Life

Isn’t it a bit surprising
How one’s fortunes ebb and flow;
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go?
Believe me,
It’s the time of your life so live it well.

–Randy Newman, It's The Time of Your Life from A Bug's Life

Sunday, January 19, 2014
Destination: Animal Kingdom
Weather Forecast: High of 64˚

7:45 am, EST [5:45 am, MST]: Too. Early. To. Wake. Up.
8:30 am, EST [6:30 am, MST]: Still too early . . .
10:30 am, EST [8:30 am, MST]: A little sleeping in on vacation is in order, but it's time to get up already.
11:57 am, EST [9:57 am, MST]: Bathing and dressing accomplished. Clothes unpacked {Sidebar: I never unpack on vacation. It just seems weird to put my clothes in someone else's drawer, but I thought this might be the easiest way to keep track of what is clean and what is dirty. If it's in the drawer — which, by the way, are nice and big; Mr Bug and I can fit all our clothes for 6 days in one drawer and there's plenty of room left over — it's clean. After you've worn it, put it in the suitcase. Folded. And don't wear it again.}. Room organized so the maid doesn't trip over luggage.
12:02 pm, EST [10:02 am, MST]: Our quest for food takes us to the restaurant just off the main entrance to the hotel where we are staying — Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory and it has a Mardi Gras theme going on. We got the Disney Dining Plan {they had a great deal going on when we booked}, so we're set for food. Brunch today: pizza for the Not-So-Little Bugs, a Cajun chicken sandwich for Mr. Bug and a tuna salad sandwich {which, by the way, is HUGE} for me.
12:40 pm, EST [10:40 am, MST]: We're waiting for the shuttle to the Animal Kingdom park. I'm so excited to be here I can hardly contain myself.
1:00 pm, EST [11:00 am, MST]: The shuttle is {finally} here. Have I mentioned? This is so awesome!
2:26 pm, EST [12:26 pm, MST]: Park entry achieved {after you tap your MagicBand on the Mickey scanner, they scan your fingerprint so if you loose your MagicBand no one else can use it to get into the park}, locker secured, Disney Trading Pin purchased, photos snapped, milling about aimlessly accomplished and various bathroom breaks taken.
Our FastPasses for Kilimanjaro Safaris are available now, so that is where we are headed.
4:40 pm, EST [2:40 pm, MST]: Giraffic jam navigated,
Safari ride thoroughly enjoyed,
Coats retrieved from locker {it looks like I didn't really need to do all that laundry so that we could have something different to wear every day.}, more milling about aimlessly accomplished, It's Tough to be a Bug 3D show attended, and snacks procured {thanks again, Disney Dining}.
4:45 pm, EST [2:45 pm, MST]: Our Expedition Everest FastPasses are available. Look out, Yeti! Here we come!
4:52 pm, EST [2:52 pm, MST]: That was totally awesome — among my top 5 favorite roller coasters of all time. When Mr. Bug and I came here a few years back, this was the first ride we rode. It was a short wait, so we got off and got right back in line for it. Also, it is as I suspected earlier, but tried to ignore anyway. That is a migraine. And the roller coaster made it worse. I will be so embarrassed if I have to throw up in a garbage can at The Magic Kingdom.
4:57 pm, EST [2:57 pm, MST] I managed to hold it together long enough to get a Coke, which is helping to settle my stomach and will hopefully, in combination with a little medication, put this headache to rest. Also, I hope this isn't going to be a vacation-long thing.
5:01 pm, EST [3:01 pm, MST]: Our next FastPass isn't until 6:30 pm. The Not-So-Little Bugs are loosing enthusiasm {their feet hurt despite the expensive sneakers we bought them} and according to the nifty Disney app, the wait time isn't too long, so we're going to stand in line for DINOSAUR.
6:30 pm, EST [4:30 pm, MST]: While we were waiting in line, something went wrong and they closed the ride for about 20 minutes, which caused our FastPasses to get cancelled anyway, so it was a good call that we got in line. While we waited, we sat on the floor and formulated a plan to soak our feet and do foot massages upon arrival at our hotel. We are now going to the Yak & Yeti to see if they will let us bump up our 7:30 reservations and squeeze us in sooner.
6:37 pm, EST [4:37 pm, MST]: The people at The Yak & Yeti were very kind and they've seated us early. While we were waiting for the verdict, LadyBug squished a penny in a hand-crank machine. It was fun.
8:03 pm, EST [6:03 pm, MST]: Dinner was absolutely delicious. They were very accommodating in making sure there was no dairy in my food {Sidebar: avoiding dairy at home is a hassle. On vacation, it is double. I have to trust that they are reading labels and not just assuming. So far, OK.}. Mr. Bug and I ate here, too, when we were here a few years back and it was as good as we remembered. We're headed back to the shuttle to take us to the hotel now.
11:58 pm, EST [9:58 pm, MST]: I found a really nice peppermint-y smelling foot lotion in the hotel gift shop. We all soaked our feet in the tub and then I used the lotion to rub our feet. Much better. My headache is gone, I made dining reservations for the rest of our trip and then made some tweaks to our scheduled FastPass selections. Bedtime. It is curious to have jumped two whole time zones forward. I want to get up and going first thing in the morning, but "first thing" here is way before "first thing" at home. And I'm not a morning person to begin with. But after a day filled with walking and more walking, getting to bed "early" doesn't seem to be a problem. But then again, "early" at home is way later than "early" here.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Walt Disney World Day 1: A Little Pixie Dust

Think of the happiest things
It's the same as having wings
Take the path that moonbeams make
If the moon is still awake
You'll see him wink his eye
You can fly, you can fly!
You can fly!

–from Peter Pan

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Destination: Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Weather forecast: High of 67˚

1:00 am, MST: Why am I still awake? Oh, that's right. Because I have to finish a million things before we go on vacation {squee!} for a week! About 870,000 of those things will just have to wait. At least the packing is done. Except for the things we need to use before we go. I hope I remember everything.


3:00 am, MST: Too. Early. To. Wake. Up.
3:25 am, MST: If I don't get up, we're missing the plane.
4:07 am, MST: In the car and on our way. Piece of cake. This isn't so early. We've totally got this.
4:54 am, MST: Economy lot parking row 8E, shuttle stop 12. Noted. We're in the shuttle to the terminals.
5:01 am, MST: I couldn't find a link to do this on-line. Is this seriously the line to check a bag?
5:11 am, MST: Airport security protocol briefing for the Not-So-Little Bugs: 1) stick to your ticket. That's very important. 2) Never leave your bag unattended.
5:35 am, MST: Mr. Bug has lost his jacket somewhere during the security check, boarding starts in 10 minutes and I need to use the bathroom. We totally don't have this.
5:41 am, MST: Jacket found, potty break achieved, gate located.
6:00 am, MST: Finally our group is boarding. What is the advantage of on-line check-in if you're still the last ones to board?
6:15 am, MST: We're about to take off. This is the first flight for the Not-So-Little Bugs. LadyBug is so excited. It is fun to watch her. Grasshopper is . . . a teenager.
6:20 am, MST: It turns out that it doesn't really matter that getting a new embroidery project together to work on was one of the 870,000 things that didn't get done. I'm so sleepy that I'm not even going to work on the stand-by project I brought.
8:24 am, MST: I just had the strangest dream — I was flying through the middle of a cloud bank. Wait. That's not a dream.
9:57 am, CST [8:57 am, MST]: We're at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Great. We already lost Mr. Bug's luggage tag. I hope whoever finds it puts it in the mail instead of sending someone to rob our house.
10:20 am, CST [9:20 am, MST]: Everyone wants something different; an Egg McMuffin for Grasshopper, donuts and chocolate milk for LadyBug, and barbecue beef sandwiches from The Salt Lick for Mr. Bug and me. When in Texas . . .
12:10 pm, CST [11:10 am, MST]: Captain Harkness is on the P.A. with one word that gets everyone's attention: cancelled.
12:11 pm, CST [11:11 am, MST]: He's only kidding. The maintenance crew is doing final check and we will begin boarding soon.
12:47 pm, CST [11:47 am, MST]: Departure. The novelty of flying has worn off and LadyBug is not so excited anymore. Grasshopper is still . . . a teenager.
12:48 pm, CST [11:48 am, MST]: Yep. I'm going to sleep through this flight too. I really hope they don't wake me up to try and give me a beverage.
4:15 pm, EST [2:15 pm, MST]: We made it! Orlando, baby!

Supposedly Disney took our checked bag directly to the hotel. Now to find the Disney Magic Express which will take us to the hotel.
4:37 pm, EST [2:57 pm, MST]: Say, these Bands really are Magic. I touched the Mickey silhouette on my band to the Mickey on the scanner and the silhouette on the scanner turned green. I'm guessing our reservations showed up on the computer screen at the podium next to the scanner because the Disney Cast Member standing there then directed us to the right shuttle stop.

We got to choose the color of our MagicBands and have our names engraved on the inside. In addition to getting us to the hotel, they are also our room keys, allow us park entrance, have our FastPass and restaurant reservations {which we made on-line at home a couple of weeks ago} on them, and can be used for purchases throughout the park. MagicBand, indeed.
4:57 pm, EST [2:57 pm, MST]: Departure for the hotel. It's a 30-minute trip. I'm sleeping on this ride too.
5:32 pm, EST [3:32 pm, MST]: Check in at the hotel: Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter. This is SO awesome {although the cute woman who is helping us check in is using a little too much black Sharpie on my map of the resort}. I am so glad we are staying at a Disney hotel. They do hospitality well.
{Our room is on the corner of Rue D'Blues and Ragtime Alley.
Bottom left: View from our room
Top and Middle Right: You can't miss the Disney magic. It's everywhere.
Bottom Right: Our Building}
6:07 pm, EST [4:07 pm, MST]: We're taking a quick 5-minute trip on a Sassagoula Water Taxi up the river to the Port Orleans Riverside resort for dinner at the Riverside Mill Food Court.
7:30 pm, EST [5:30 pm, MST]: Boarding the park shuttle service — Magic Kingdom, here we come!
10:25 pm, EST [8:25 pm, MST]: We rode Space Mountain, Ariel's Underwater Adventure, the Disney Railroad {they use real steam engines, in case you were wondering}, Pirates of the Caribbean and saw the fireworks at Cinderella's Castle. They are open until 1:00 am, EST {11:00 pm, MST}, but we're calling it a day and catching a shuttle back to the hotel.
10:59 pm, EST [8:59 pm, MST]: As if by magic, our checked luggage has appeared in our room. I'm too tired to unpack. Or think.
11:15 pm, EST [9:15 pm, MST]: Lights out.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Memories Part V: A Very Important Date

♫♪ EM EYE SEE ♪♫
See ya later.
♫♪ KAY EE WHY ♪♫
Why? Because we're going to Walt Disney World!


Our goal this Christmas was to make memories instead of collecting more stuff. We did a few fun things before Christmas and one of the gifts that was under the tree for LadyBug and Grasshopper was a monogrammed Mickey Mouse silhouette luggage tag for each of them with a note saying that we are going to Walt Disney World. I only finished the tags for the Not-So-Little Bugs in time for Christmas. I finished the four others this week. I used clear tablecloth plastic to make windows on the back to put our information on and we are set to go.

The time has finally come. Reservations have been confirmed. A superfluous supply of Dramamine has been acquired. The bags are almost packed. And we are all beyond excited.

See ya real soon . . .

Today's post brought to you by:
My 2013 Finishes My 2014 Finishes

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog Anniversary/1000th Post/Birthday Giveaway: Winners' Roll Call

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. –Oprah Winfrey

It's about time we gave away some fabric around here! I wish I had prizes for you all. Thank you to everyone who took time to enter. I really enjoyed reading all of your comments.

To choose the winners, rather than mess with drawing numbers and then counting through the comments to find the one that corresponds with the number, I printed them all out, cut them apart and threw them in a big roasting pan so there would be plenty of room for them to get nice and mixed up and not get stuck together and then I had the Not-So-Little Bugs draw for me. Grasshopper was really getting into it and drew one of the winners by picking up the slip of paper with the comment on it with his mouth. Here are the results:

• 4-Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway:
A jelly roll of Printemps by 3 Sisters, sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop.
Winner drawn by Grasshopper

Congratulations to
:partytime: Sandra :partytime:
at Sandra's Craft Corner

whose response to my question about favorite things about blogging or reading blogs was: Bloglovin follower here. I most enjoy the ideas, tips and pictures on the blogs.

• 1000th Post Giveaway:
A fat quarter bundle in a rainbow of beautiful colors and prints.
Winner drawn by LadyBug

Congratulations to
:partytime: The4Rs :partytime:
at Recycle, Repurpose, Redo and Renew

whose response to my question about favorite things to do in your free time was: Wow, I am the first! I love to read blogs and pin ideas to Pinterest. This year my goal is to actually try some of the ideas I covet! And of course, I love to craft and sew; always looking for inspiration. Love your giveaway, I think a rainbow doll quilt for a niece would be fun to make with it!

• Birthday Giveaway:
A fat quarter bundle of Carnaby Street in the Cool Peace colorway, from Pat Bravo to me to you.
Winner drawn by Grasshopper

Congratulations to
:partytime: Alida P :partytime:
at Quilting, Paper Piecing and Crafts

who said: Happy birthday fellow AYW designer :wink: I am so happy that I found your blog!! Bookmarked :wink: Happy birthday again.

Thank you again to everyone who commented! Winners, check your e-mail to see how to claim your prize.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perhaps You Will Not Find Her Common Now

Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin. Her favorite pastimes were riding her horse and tormenting the farm boy that worked there.The Princess Bride, book and screenplay by William Goldman

Anyone seen The Princess Bride? 1987. Robin Wright. Cary Elwes. Mandy Patinkin. André the Giant. Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True Love. Ring a bell? Among my siblings, The Princess Bride is probably the number one all-time favorite movie. We can all pretty much quote the entire movie.

The designers over at Fandom in Stitches, organized by the talented Jennifer Ofenstein, are having a Princess Bride-themed quilt and stitch along. And, well, when I say the designers, I kind of mean me, too. I've tested some of the Sesame Street patterns for one of the designers and I have a handful of my own patterns over at Fandom in Stitches. But I was surprised and excited to get an invitation to design for the As You Wish Quilt and Stitch-Along.

Jennifer had the characters chosen and quilt design already laid out when block sign-ups began, but each portrait or quote block was left entirely up to the designer. I signed up for an embroidery block; Princess Buttercup's embroidery block. I had my design finished in a matter of days {it was one of the things I was doing while I was procrastinating working on P's quilt, but I couldn't tell you that because it was totally under wraps}. And then I started to dabble with a paper pieced design for Buttercup herself. No one had signed up for her and so I timidly said that if no one else wanted her, I would do it. A few weeks went by and she was still available, so I designed my first every portrait block. It is very different from houses and trees and that kind of thing.

I used this screen cap from the end of the movie and Quilt Assistant to draft the pattern. She's not perfect, but she's pretty OK. The nose was the hardest thing to get right. After I put together my test block, I made a few tweaks to the pattern, so hopefully she will go together smoothly.

The embroidered quote block for Buttercup is actually a collection of quotes. I couldn't narrow it down. After I started stitching, I realized that this was a pretty ambitious block, so I also did an intermediate and a simple version, which are both included in the Buttercup pattern.

Patterns will be released every two weeks through May 7th. I've seen them. They are going to be fabulous. I wasn't certain whether I was going to make the quilt or not, but now that I've seen the blocks and Jennifer's awesome layouts {four-patch or book pages; I'm going with the book pages} there will be blood tonight a Princess Bride quilt at my house.

Today's post brought to you by:
As You Wish Designer photo aywdesignerbadge_zps2d76c5ef.jpg

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Birthday Giveaway

If you always give, you will always have. –Chinese Proverb

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 21 with 20 years' experience. And I'm celebrating with a giveaway! 'Cause that's how I like to roll. The story goes like this:

Once upon a time, I won a a half-yard bundle of Carnaby Street in the Cool Peace colorway, from Pat Bravo herself. It was pretty groovy.

The cool thing about half-yard cuts is that there is plenty to share. It is a mathematical law that if you divide something by half, you always have half left. So today I'm giving away a fat quarter bundle of Carnaby Street in the Cool Peace colorway, from Pat Bravo to me to you. The fabrics have been washed, pressed and squared up so "fat quarter" is used loosely here.

The Fine Print:
• To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite color combination. Or just leave a comment. Whichever.
• You can enter today's giveaway only once.
• Non-blogging/non-Google users and international entrants are welcome.
• If you do not have a Google account, use the name/url {url optional} commenting option and make sure you leave your e-mail in your comment in the following format: address (at) domain name (dot) com.
• Comments with no contact information will be deleted.
• Google account users: not sure if your contact information will be attached to your comment? Click here:

• Duplicate comments will be deleted.
• Comment moderation is on, so don't panic when your comment doesn't show up. I'm notified of new comments and will approve them periodically each day, after which they'll show up on the post.
• The giveaway will close at 10:00 pm {MST} on Wednesday, January 15th. Winner will be chosen by random drawing and notified by e-mail and announced here by 8:00 pm on January 16th.

Good luck!

Friday, January 10, 2014

1000th Post Giveaway

It may take little time to get where you want to be, but if you pause and think for a moment, you will notice that you are no longer where you were. Do not stop—keep going. –Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes

This is my 1000th post. Yep. You read that right. One thousand posts. Some more interesting than others; some containing a little bit more of me than others, but 1000 posts. That's a lot. Want to know a secret? I kind of finagled it to coincide with my four-year blog anniversary, so we could all celebrate with giveaways!

Today's giveaway is a fat quarter bundle in a rainbow of beautiful colors and prints. The fabrics are from my stash and have been washed, pressed and squared up, which means that I use the term "fat quarter" loosely, depending on how much shrinkage there was and how far off grain the fabric was pulled. In the spirit of full disclosure, they are all between 15½" and 18" long and 22"ish inches wide. There are a couple of Robert Kaufmann Modern Living prints, a Joel Dewberry and everything is Quilt Shop quality.

The Fine Print:
• To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to do in your free time. Or just leave a comment. Whichever.
• You can enter today's giveaway only once.
• Non-blogging/non-Google users and international entrants are welcome.
• If you do not have a Google account, use the name/url {url optional} commenting option and make sure you leave your e-mail in your comment in the following format: address (at) domain name (dot) com.
• Comments with no contact information will be deleted.
• Google account users: not sure if your contact information will be attached to your comment? Click here:

• Duplicate comments will be deleted.
• Comment moderation is on, so don't panic when your comment doesn't show up. I'm notified of new comments and will approve them periodically each day, after which they'll show up on the post.
• The giveaway will close at 10:00 pm {MST} on Wednesday, January 15th. Winner will be chosen by random drawing and notified by e-mail and announced here by 8:00 pm on January 16th.

Good luck!