Monday, July 25, 2011

Various and Sundry Monday: Vol 15

Sometimes it's harder to attain inner silence than outer silence. The dog stopped barking and the kids have gone to bed, but your mind has a log to talk about and it knows you can't pretend you're not at home. –Linda Solegato

The “What If?” Game
When we were kids, my sister and I used to play the “What If?” Game. It would start with a question that stemmed from a variation on the everyday like, “what if the cat could talk?” or “what if we lived in the elementary school?” We'd imagine all kinds of things as we answered our own questions. My dad didn't like that game too much. But I still love to play it. As a matter of fact, I was playing it the other day.

Several times on my way to and from work in the last week or two, I've seen a Harley Davidson Fat Boy parked at the side of the road with a for sale sign on it. One the way home from work last week, I passed it again and thought, “what if I bought that bike?” That thought led to other thoughts. “I wonder if I could find a cool helmet to match,” and, “oh, and a smokin' kevlar riding jacket.” It would be so much fun to ride! Then I wondered if I'm too old to learn to ride a motorcycle. But, hey. If Willam H. Macy can do it, so can I. Right?

Dear Dad,

Please come down from the ceiling. The “What If?” Game is still just a game. I'm not going to buy a Harley. There are too many hazards out there on the road.

xo -Elizabeth

P.S. LadyBug loves the “What If?” Game too.

Virtual Reality
Earlier this month, I got to meet some of my favorite virtual friends in real life. Amy {of amylouwho} was in Utah and arranged a Sew & Tell live. It was SO much fun. Pink {of pinksuedeshoe} hosted the party at her house and provided the most yummy treats {you have to try her Lime Pie Cakes. They are to die for!} Besides getting to meet my favorite bloggers in person, there were some girls there I haven't met yet in the blogging world, so I made some new friends and found some great new blogs to peruse. We laughed, ate, shared quilting stories and life stories and had a really fun time! Thanks girls for an awesome evening!
Left to right: Amy {of Diary of a Quilter}, Amy {of Vintage Fern}, Erin {of Two More Seconds}, Leigh {of Leedle Deedle Quilts}, Me, Vicki {of Sew Inspired}, Pink {of pinksuedeshoe} and Amy {of amylouwho}. What a fun bunch!

Just a few days later, my sweet friend and fellow TwiQuilter, Wanda, was in town and she and her husband took me and my little family out to lunch. We ate at one my favorite local restaurants, The Art City Trolley. Wanda is one of the sweetest people I know. It was so fun to catch up and get to meet her daughter, Liz and granddaughter, Emilia.

Sudoku Quilt Group
If you haven't seen enough pictures of me today then you're in luck because I've got one more. I'm teaching a quilting class. And by teaching, I mean volunteering as a teacher. It is for the ladies who are in my ward {LDS-speak for parish or congregation}, but also for anyone in the neighborhood who wants to come. I've divided the quilt up into six steps and we work on one step each month. Our first month we cut our fabrics and this month we sewed them into blocks. This is the Saturday morning class {we also have a Thursday night class so people can attend whichever is more convenient} with our blocks.
Back {l to r}: Barbara, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Julie
Front {l to r}: Bev, Christina, Sherri, Courtney

Monday Music Spot: Howlin' For You
I don't know if I'm particularly original in my music tastes, but I'm definitely all over the place. It was a toss-up today between Marc Anthony & Pitbull or The Black Keys. I went with the more funky beat.


Shay said...

Well Good Golly Ms. Elizabeth - havent you been a busy busy beaver?

Teaching classes and gadding about with friends!It sounds like you're having so much fun and on top of this you've had your kids home for the summer. Where do you find the time?

Loved to see pictures of your good times.

Sarah Craig said...

My hubby and I used to play "what if we won the lottery?" a lot. It was always fun to see what we'd spend the money on - it varied from day to day. Haven't done that in a while - maybe we should try it again sometime soon!

Paulette said...

That is so great that you got to meet up with so many fellow bloggers. Sounds like you had a great time. Good going on the Sudoku quilt group! Your summer is just humming right along with fun stuff to do!

I like the Black Keys, and that's one of those songs you just have to da-da-da-DA-da right along to.

Joyce said...

This was such a fun post! You totally brightened my day! (and I'm so glad you got to spend time with Wanda and her precious family. How wonderful! Your pictures are great.

Wanda said...

The picture makes me relive the fun of our lunch date with our families. I just have to know if Ladybug actually finished that chocolate cake? Ha!

Angie said...

I love love love the pic of you, Wanda and Liz....isn't she just the most wonderful person you have ever met?