Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hexie Art Notebook Finishes

The past is really almost as much a work of the imagination as the future. Jessamyn West

I've been puttering around with these fun little art journals. This is the one I made for my giveaway winner, Peach Rainbow. This one went half-way around the world. I like to send things to other countries—I love that there is a little bit of my craftiness on at least four different continents.

And lest you think I'm done posting about Twilight-related things, I'm not. This one went to fellow Twi-Quilter, Angie. See, the little monogrammed a? Yep. That's what it's for. I love the apple batik fabric. It has been so much fun to use and share. I McTavished the background again, but chickened out on using black thread because I was afraid it might not look nice. That was probably a wise choice. It got a little crowded down there in the bottom right corner. Eventually I loosened up and by the time I got to the top right corner {I worked clockwise}, the design was better.

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Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

The little art journal you made for your giveaway winner is precious!!

Shay said...

I love every single one of these little journals. Every time you post them I tell myself I really need to make a cover for my quilting ideas notebook...naturally it's still sitting there waiting to be done!

Busy Quilting Mama said...

These are super cute!

Peach Rainbow said...

Awww, it's so sweet!
Can't wait till I get it :D
Thank you so much!

QuiltNut Creations said...

very cute!