Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black & Red Hexie Notebooks

If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. –Lawrence J. Peter

I planned to start 2012 with a bang. It was more like a whimper. I wanted to finish three quilts in January. I finished nothing. We're already two weeks into February, and no quilts finished. But I did finally get these little Hexie notebooks done. I've only been working on them since September-ish. Looking at it another way, six weeks into 2012 ÷ six notebooks = one finish a week. OK, so maybe 2012 is going better than I thought, especially if I don't tell you that four of these six notebooks are for birthday gifts in October and November of 2011. These are for the girls in Twi-Quilters {red & black, apple theme, Twilight font monograms}. We do a little something for each other's birthdays, only I'm way behind. This bunch gets me through February, and then there isn't another birthday until May :faint:.

I did a little McTavishing on the red backgrounds, and outlined the apples and monograms on the Hexies. The lighting isn't the best, so you can't see the quilting on the Hexies, but here is one from the back.

To put the Hexies together I cut the fabric, a layer of Mistyfuse and bit of batting using the largest {5”} Go! Hexagon. I trimmed the batting Hexagon down by ⅜” all the way around and used the Mistyfuse {I put a little parchment paper between the Hexie and the iron to keep the allowance of Mistyfuse around the outer edge of the batting from fusing where I didn't want it} to hold it in place on the back of the fabric while I quilted it. After I'd finished quilting, I pressed the edges over and sewed it onto the notebook cover, which I did using Pellon Peltex 72F II and a rough approximation of this fabric postcard tutorial.

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Richard Healey said...

Nice Finish!
Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

Paulette said...

I think you're moving along fine so far this year. Just enjoy the process. Those hexie notebooks are super cute!

I've put in my request for the Breaking Dawn DVD for Valentine's Day. I hope hubby takes me seriously!

hueisei said...

Still have the Twilight feel :)

Shay said...

They look wonderful. Rd is one of my favourite colours.

I must admit I had all sorts of plans to finish things like a crazy demon this year and it just hasn't happened.

elizabeth said...

Doesn't a finish feel good...especially when it is a gift! Way to go....they are wonderful the red : )
Thank you for linking up to LQM too.