Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Must Ask . . . What is Your Favorite Breakfast Food?

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. –Doug Larson

Has it been two weeks already since I posed the question about belly buttons? I'm not sure where the time went. And I was surprised that not a single person who voted had an outie. I knew innies were more prevalent, but I thought there'd be a handful who had outies. Perhaps asking people about their belly buttons was too personal and the outies didn't want to out themselves? In any case, I liked Iris' idea about why some are innie and some are outie and some are innie-outies. A belly button is a scar and she suggested that they are all different because everyone scars differently. I think that's very smart, and probably right on the money.

Last Thursday, we had breakfast for dinner. I made Belgian waffles with the fancy new waffle maker my mom got us for Christmas. I offered a variety of toppings; homemade maple syrup {nothing too fancy, just sugar, water and a little mapelline flavoring}, spiced peaches {again, nothing too fancy; I thickened the juice from a can of peaches with cornstarch, added a little cinnamon, ginger and allspice, stirred the peaches back in and warmed them through}, or homemade raspberry freezer jam. We also had bacon. It was a long work week for me and by Thursday night, I needed a no-fuss-easy-to-fix dinner. It got me to thinking about all the different kinds of breakfast foods and then I started wondering what you all like to eat for breakfast. Or breakfast for dinner. I was going to ask this last week, but was too tired and decided to go to bed early instead. So, this week, I must ask . . . what is your favorite food at breakfast? I've kind of grouped things in categories, with a few miscellaneous things thrown in. Vote for your favorites in each category and if you want leave a comment and tell me what you love the most. I'm sure I forgot something delicious, so please make sure to leave me a note.


Paulette said...

What I like for breakfast is ALL OF THE ABOVE. However, as you know, I have food sensitivities and am trying to eat lower carb. So that means what I actually eat (which is what I voted for/keeping it real) is some kind of protein, usually eggs, bacon, ham, or leftovers from dinner before. I've had cold salmon (not as bad as it sounds), cold BBQ chicken (awesome), cold burgers, etc. For some reason, leftovers for breakfast taste better cold. Before I started eating that way, I'd have hot quinoa or hot buckwheat (gluten free) cereal with fresh or frozen blueberries stirred in and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a glass of soymilk. I ate that for YEARS, and loved it. I used to eat cold cereal at night before bed. But cutting down on the carbolicious food has helped me drop a few pounds and feel less carb addicted, so there's a tradeoff. Sorry my comment may be a buzz-kill. You asked! :)

Impera Magna said...

My standard breakfast is cold cereal but on weekends... I tend to stray esp if I have company and can fix a bunch o' stuff for them.

If having breakfast out, I tend to go for scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast with jam... b/c I won't fix all that stuff just for me.

Cherie said...

I usually have a bowl of cereal during the week. On Sundays we have sausage, bacon, beans, plantain, eggs and bread.
I love waffles and pancakes though! =D

Shay said...

You forgot vegemite! I have vegemite on toast pretty much every day Monday to Friday.

I lash out on weekends and have bacon and eggs with hash browns and toast or pancakes or pancetta and scrambled eggs. I dont have a waffle maker and they arent very common here so waffles dont make an appearance very often.

Now I want waffles....sigh

regan said...

If we're at home, it's always oatmeal with dried cranberries and brown sugar....Yum! If we're out for must be waffles! I love breakfast for dinner, too.....we do that A LOT!

Jill said...

Our new favorite breakfast for dinner is cinnamon french toast. Mom found (and of course told us) a fabulous cinnamon burst bread that we use for the french toast.
Maple syrup or peanut butter (sometimes both) to top it off! Yummy!
In the mornings? Always cold cereal. Unless I make myself some cream of wheat with brown sugar.

Jennifer Lovell said...

I like anything that helps me feel full, and that is not loaded with sugar. One of my favorite concoctions is Fiber One cereal (the kind that looks like cat food) mixed with plain yogurt, plus a little bit of milk, and sometimes a couple tablespoons scoop of sweetened yogurt. Filling : ), and full of protein & fiber.

I didn't used to think of myself as a picky eater, until I realized that where some people are picky for taste, I'm just as picky for what I deem as "nutritionally sound". I imagine that can be just as annoying, yikes!

hardhatcat said...

When i'm at work, the café next to work does a really nice bacon and egg toast sandwhich that i have with BBQ sauce. At home i often have cereal or porridge.
When not pregnant i like a Famers Union Iced Coffee ( which is very popular in South Australia. If i can't get a FUIC i like a chocolate milk and when i'm pregnant i like a strawberry milk.