Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NICU Buntings: A Finish From My Mom

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Today I'm sharing a finish for my mom, Peggy, so she can join this month's linky party.

Here's what she had to say:

I have a finish! They are NICU buntings for a young man's Eagle project.

I line quilted the pieces and stitched them together, added ties and bias binding. You can see the ties better in this picture.

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Elizabeth said...

Mom, those are SO cute! I love that fabric and you did a really nice job on them! So glad you could Link up this month.

xo -E

Vicki said...

So cute. My daughter was snuggled in one if those when she was first born, so cozy.

mom said...

Thanks for linking me up. The young man has already turned in 25 buntings to the NICU at our hospital and will soon have ten more ready to turn in. He has done a great service in getting these buntings all aranged for and made. He and several young men, along with some parents and neighbors worked very hard on this project. I say well done!

Shay said...

A very worthwhile project. I love how they turned out! Great job E's Mom.