Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Ignore the Warnings. There isn't Malware Here. Really. I Promise. Also, 40 Before 40 Update

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to? –Anthony Robbins

First things first. The malware warning is because the site that hosts my silly emoticons possibly has malware. It is highly doubtful that there is malware embedded in the little dudes. At any rate, I haven't been attacked and just to be safe I removed the main offender, so we should be good now.

Also, I know I promised photos of the completed Pinwheel Sampler, but it's not dry yet. I'm not sure why it's taking so long. We'll just have to make due with a photo of it pinned to the living room floor. Also, blocking a quilt is the most odious task on the planet. I almost gave up on it and threw the quilt in the dryer. I'm glad now that I didn't, but at midnight last night with just under half of the quilt left to go, I was seriously considering it.

Since my planned post has been rescheduled, filling in today is my 40 Before 40 list. It is fun to look back on all I had planned for this year. Looking at it ojectively, this list is for someone who does not work full-time sometimes and part-time most of the time. With only four more months to go, I made a few adjustments.

I crossed 8 things off the list that I've either missed out on or realistically don't have time to do.

I've checked 12 things off the list as finished.

4 things on the list are in progress. Mornings and I are, if not friends, allies.

7 things are still definitely going to happen.

I've adjusted some things to make them fit better and I'm still considering whether I want to do others. I reserve the right to cross them off the list. And I reserve the right to not do 40 things. The whole reason for the list was to expand my horizons, to improve myself and to make time to have fun. There are lots of things that I didn't include on my list because they were difficult to frame into a single thing to put on a list. But I've done a few of those kinds of things. And there's one thing that I did kind of on a whim, that should have been on the list had I thought of it beforehand. I think it deserves mentioning here.

I joined a bowling league and every Wednesday morning I bowl three games with a really cute group of ladies. Most of them are older than me. Most of them have grandchildren. My team captain has great-grandchildren. And she bowls a mean game. There are sponsors and competitions and prizes, but it's a handicap league, so it's mostly no pressure and I go just to have fun. I bowled a 125 scratch {actual score, handicap not figured in} {also, look at me already using the lingo} yesterday. It was pretty awesome.

Every time I think about bowling, I think about this Camper Van Beethoven song from 1985. I've had this earworm for three weeks now, so I thought I'd share.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Congrats on checking things off your list. Looking at that list, there seems to be lots of quick things on there that you can get done in the next couple months. Good luck on getting them all done. Glad you also found something to do that is nothing but fun, bowling. Have a blast doing it, even if it means their grandkids are older than you are.

Lane said...

Look at all those pins! I know what you mean about it taking forever, but it is sooooo worth it. You might turn a fan on it if it isn't drying fast enough. Be well. Lane

Jennifer Lovell said...

I love that you've joined a bowling league!! That sounds like such a great time! I would love to be on your team (I stink at bowling, but I think it's super fun).

Paulette said...

Pinning it to the floor?! It must be worth it because it totally sounds like a PITA. Do you mark out the shape on the carpet before that or whaa...oh, never mind. At any rate, from what I see, your quilt looks amazing!

Your birthday's in October, right? Good luck on that list!

mom said...

Quilt looks soo good. way to bowl!sounds fun