Friday, February 1, 2013

Favourite Things Friday: Blue Skies

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on
Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do I see
Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
–Bing Crosby

This has been the coldest winter we've had in decades. For the past five weeks, the mercury hasn't risen above about 27˚ F and mostly we've been sitting in the low teens. Today, we hit a very lovely 30˚ F complete with sunshine and blue skies. It was a very nice day. How could it not be, with a beautiful start like this?

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of winter, especially these bitter cold winters. I looked up record low temperatures and in the US, only one other state beat our low of -69˚ F {-56˚ C} in 1985, and that was Alaska with a mind boggling -81˚ F {-62˚ C}. We've had relatively mild winters since about 1995, but this year we've had a real cold snap. It is more like the winters I remember as a kid, where once it snowed, you didn't see the landscape again until the spring thaw.

We lived across the street from a park, so we'd cut across it on our way to and from school. It would get so cold that you could walk across the snow without your boots sinking in. I loved that. I remember one winter with so much snow that it was up to my 9-or-10-year-old chest and all the dads had to go out and shovel snow off the roofs to keep them from caving in.

Despite the cold {said with a shiver; I haven't been warm since September}, it has been fun to see all the snow art that has popped up around town. I already showed you the Igloo that I pass on the way to work every day {which is still standing, by the way}. And this Snow Titan is in our little neighborhood.

I won't even guess at his height, but I'm certain that ladders were involved in the construction of this behemoth. His hat is a broken tree branch, for snow's sake. Just to give you a little perspective, here's a wider shot. He's as tall as the roof line of the house he's guarding.

The days are getting longer and spring is around the corner. The beautiful sky and the warm sun today give hope of more to come. I'm so looking forward to seeing the grass again.

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Paulette said...

I love a blue sky too, winter or summer, but I really appreciate them in winter.

The Snow Titan is very cool (I guess literally, ha). We had a high of 4 degrees today, so I feel your pain. But the sky was so sunny and blue, I bundled up to take a couple quick quilt pictures on the fresh white snow. About 2 minutes out there and that was enough.

Shay said...

Being able to make snow art is probably the only good thing about living with snow I would think. Although seeing white everywhere is very pretty...(this is from someone who has never had to live day in and day out with snow and who considers 45F absolutely freezing!)

It's been cold here this week too...I've been wearing cardigans all week - in Summer no less- which is utterly ridiculous!

seabreezequilts said...

Love the snow man. I can't even imagine how cold that is. Unlike Shay I am actually enjoying the mild summer that we seem to be experiencing.