Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Favorite Superhero

The best superheroes don't have to wear capes and fly. The best superheroes know where their powers come from and they faithfully answer to the name "Dad."

Happy Father's Day to my dad, who faithfully reads my blog and calls to see if I'm OK when I haven't posted in a while. It means a lot. Thank you for sacrificing your dreams to take care of your family and for helping me become the person I am.

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Bug, the father of my children, who is a gentle soul, who never criticizes,d who loves our children and would do just about anything for them. I hope they grow up to be just like you.

And Happy Father's Day to every Superhero out there who influences the life of a child for good.


Shay said...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's , but especially yours and Mr. Bug!

Paulette said...

What a sweet tribute to the dads, Elizabeth. Mine is my hero too.