Friday, July 26, 2013

Travelogue: Day 5, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Nature is the art of God. –Dante Alighieri

9:07 am
We're all pretty tired, a little stiff and worn out. We stayed in Teton Village, Wyoming last night. I took these pictures as we drove in yesterday evening, but I saved them for today because today is a travel day and this is going to be about as interesting as it gets. I forgot my good camera so I used my iPhone for everything. It was hit and miss, as far as quality goes, but I'm so glad I had it.

The bottom is a view of the Teton Mountains across Jackson Lake as we approached from the north east. The top right is a closer look at the Tetons after we passed the lake and the top left is an elk we stopped to observe. From a very safe distance. There were half-a-dozen cars stopped to take photos. This isn't uncommon through Yellowstone, and I guess the Grand Tetons National Park as well.

12:27 pm
Welcome to Jackson, Wyoming!

1:00 pm
We gassed up, cleaned the windows and just ate in the cleanest McDonald's we've ever seen. We still haven't won a million dollars, but we did pick up a free medium fries and a free McFlurry or Fruit and Yogurt Parfait today.

2:47 pm
Welcome to Idaho. LadyBug has the sillies, which, I suppose, is better than the grumpies. Between you and me, Grasshopper and LadyBug have done really well on the long car rides this trip has entailed.

3:53 pm
Welcome to Utah!

4:26 pm
Welcome to Wyoming! Wait. What? Another winding road, I suppose. Three states in three hours. Too funny.

6:59 pm
I missed the sign that said we'd crossed back over into Utah, but we're home again. Objective: bathroom.

8:48 pm
I think we have everything unpacked. The Not-So-Little Bugs all their dirty laundry sorted and got their suitcases put away in short order. They were highly motivated by the promise of screen time.

It's nice to be home.

We haven't done very many vacations, but this was nice and I haven't had my fill of visiting new places. Mr. Bug has been wanting to visit the West Coast for years now. I'm going to make it happen next summer. We'll start in lower Washington or upper Oregon and then head on down to California. The year after that, we're going to see Mt. Rushmore. And somewhere in there, we're squeezing in a trip to Disney World. That's a different kind of vacation, and we've been putting it off for years. My Disney rewards points {which will pay for about ⅔ of the trip} expire soonish. And the Not-So-Little Bugs will be grown up and gone before we know it.


Shay said...

Thank you for taking us on vacation too...I really enjoyed the mini break!

Welcome home Bugs.

Christine M said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I've enjoyed seeing where you went.

Paulette said...

Gotta love a vacation that inspires more vacations. They're always some of the best memories of time spent together as a family.