Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm a Mormon: Jeff Decker — Motorcycle Sculptor

I'm a sculptor. I love motorcycles. And first and foremost, a family man.

I can't find anywhere in the Bible that says that I can't love motorcycles.

I believe the best dinner conversations are with those who don't agree with you.

I believe in having friends that pray to a different God than I do. I think that they should be able to worship to the dictates of their hearts and I hope that they respect my right to do the same.

I believe that every one of us is a work in progress.

Jeff Decker, Motorcycle Sculptor for Harley Davidson

While I don't know him personally, Jeff and I live in the same little Utah town. I passed him on the way to drop LadyBug off at school the other morning. He and his wife own one of my favorite restaurants and when I go downtown, I drive past his Harley shop with that first sculpture shown in the video displayed out in front. It's kind of cool.

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