Monday, April 4, 2011

Various and Sundry Monday: Vol. 3

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. –Mahatma Ghandi

Three of anything is a collection, so VSM gets its own tag because I have a lot to say today :lol:.

Sick Day
LadyBug stayed home from school sick today. Mr. Bug is gone for most of the week for a new employee orientation, so I'm holding down the fort and stayed home with LadyBug. Unfortunately, I didn't get out of work. It is the beginning of the month, which means invoices which must be done. It is a really long process with a deadline, so I packed all the stuff I needed here and had my first ever telecommuting day. Technology is great, but in certain situations {like when you want to skive off work and squish up with your sick Buglet on the couch} it is possible to have too much of a good thing :lol:.

LadyBug is one sick little Bug who won't take her medicine. It seems that for her, the cure is worse than the condition. I got her to take two doses yesterday, but by the second dose, she was fighting it pretty hard. I threatened her with hospitalization and an I.V. today and she managed half a dose, but won't take any more. I wish I knew how to help her better. She hasn't had much of an appetite and her fever is so high. I keep bringing her drinks she only sips and offering her different food choices she declines.

Finally around 1:30 she asked for some Mac 'n Cheese, which we happened to be out of. I told her I'd go to the store for some and she asked for some chocolate cupcakes too. I swung by the bakery and grabbed the cupcakes and then headed for the freezer section for her favorite Mac 'n Cheese. They were out. I put the cupcakes back, hopped into the car and went to another store. They had the Mac n' Cheese, but no cupcakes at all in the bakery and LadyBug didn't want anything else. I bought the Mac 'n Cheese, hopped in the car, went back to the first store, picked up the cupcakes again, and then waited in line for 10 minutes :rolleyes: to pay for them. When I finally got home, LadyBug's desire for Mac 'n Cheese had passed <\:faint: and she ate less than half a cupcake. I hope she gets better soon.

Mr. Bug's Navy T-shirt Memory Quilt
I got the top finished. I'm doing a little happy dance :clap:. I liked the quilt with the other sashing, but I like it even better with the sashings made from his work shirts. I'm going to do an embroidered tag again, and this one isn't going to be concise :crazy:.

Yesterday {April 3} we woke up to 5 inches of heavy, wet snow. It was surprising. The view from my front porch.

Still looking out from the porch, LadyBug tree.

This is the back of our house. There are tulips buried under the snow there.

This is looking out from the back of the house. The snow has to be really wet to stick to the fence like that.

School play
Today's grand finale is all about Grasshopper. This year he tried out for and made it into the school play. He sung Happy Birthday to You for his audition :lol:. They did a musical revue of popular songs through the last century. It was a 25-minute production called On The Radio. Between each song, there was a little skit introducing the era and what was popular at the time. He got a speaking part in the section that introduced popular music from the 50's. Here he is doing his best Elvis impersonation.

Here he is cutting Footloose.

This is the cast after the performance. He loves to make goofy faces for the camera.

Having this experience has really had a positive effect on Grasshopper. I love that. Besides the feeling of accomplishment he's gained from working hard at something and seeing it through to the end, he's learned that he's got a greater capacity than he thought he did. I can see it in the way he responds to what is going on around him. I'm really proud of him.


Vicki said...

The quilt looks very, very nice! I like this sashing better, too. :)

And you guys got snow, we got insane hail! It was up to 1.25" in diameter at my house, our neighborhood looks so bad lol... broken windows and torn up window screens, dented siding etc.

Kerri said...

Oh your poor tulips! I'm glad you got the snow this time instead of us.

Shay said...

Weirdness...snow! But it's Spring. Dont your seasons know that yet?

Sorry to hear Ladybug is feeling poorly. Hope she makes a stunning recovery. Amazing how kids can still want sugar when they're a stone's throw from a hospital. What is it about kids constitutions that makes that possible?

And glad to hear Grasshopper has found something he enjoys and has increased his confidence as a result. And kudos to you for recognising the change. It's wonderful to see our kids change and develop isnt it?

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Sorry to hear that your little one is sick. Hope she is better soon. Love the quilt. That snow is amazing - crazy how it stuck to the fence.

Unknown said...

Been there done all that. Ain't life grand?

Paulette said...

Aw, man, that quilt turned out great! I love that his work shirts were used along with the tees. Love the way you sashed it too, that it's a variety of shapes, etc. Sometime I'll post my one and only T-shirt quilt I made for my kiddo. Never again, I vowed. Of course, that may be broken someday, who knows!

Sorry Ladybug was sick. Hope she's feeling better. And great job, Grasshopper! Isn't it fun to see your kids "bloom" after an experience such as that? So cool.

I don't envy your snowfall, but we pea-sized hail on Sunday morning that covered the ground like snow! Thankfully it all melted by the end of the day.

Jennifer Lovell said...

I like this sashing way better, too--like a LOT. Love this one. This quilt is so great.

Sorry to hear about Ladybug, what a sad thing : (. Hope she is better VERY soon.

I loved seeing Grasshopper in his play! What fun! I'm so glad his school gave him that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! I saw your little grasshopper at school and can't believe how big he is. Seriously!

I hope we are done with the snow. I'm over it.

QuiltNut Creations said...

no one should have snow in April; it is so wrong!congrats to Grasshopper and hope lady bug is feeling better.
MrBugs quilt looks great!