Monday, April 11, 2011

Ph.D Challenge Update: One Down, Three to Go

Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. –Josh Billings

I'm kind of all over the map with my Ph.D quilts. So what have I been doing instead of finishing Ph.D's? I've made three quilts start to finish {Grandpa's Candy Dish, Gracie's Pinwheels and Cozy Posies}, which were on my master list of things to do between January 1 and June 30, but not on my Ph.D list because they weren't started yet.

And I've done a bit of rearranging to my Ph.D list. I planned to count the finish of my Woman's Work appliqué quilt top, but quilt tops don't count as finishes, which I didn't realize when I put this down as one of my Ph.D's. I'm going to have this quilt professionally quilted and even if I were to finish it tomorrow {which is entirely impossible since I'm only half-way finished}, I'm positive I wouldn't have it back from the quilter in time to bind and label before the end of June. So, while I still plan to have the top finished and get it to the quilter by June 30th, I'm going to take it off my Ph.D list and substitute another quilt in it's place. I think that is fair. I rearranged my list before I finished the substitute quilt, so I think it should be OK to count for the challenge.

My substitute quilt is Magic, which I posted about a few weeks ago.

I'm only listed for three Ph.D's in the sidebar at the Ph.D Blog, but in my first post there, I changed my number to four. I've got one finished now {hooray!} and I've got the top finished on Mr. Bug's t-shirt quilt. I hope to get the quilting done on that in the next couple of weeks. I still plan on getting the Pinwheel Sampler and the Snowball Quilt finished, as well as a couple of other quilts that aren't started yet. It is going to be a busy few months, but in the words of that Little Red Engine, I think I can, I think I can!


Paulette said...

What is this, you pulling the old switcheroo? ;) I'm just kidding, of course. I don't doubt your ability to get anything done under the sun. You just have that innate quality or character. Congrats again on this pretty quilt, and good luck on the others. I've sort of lost a bit of steam on my PhDs lately.

Jennifer Lovell said...

Thanks for posting the photo of this beautiful bright sunshiney quilt again, I really like to look at it. Good luck with all of your want-to-do's, and of course your need-to-do's as well. You are an awesome finisher, and...I love you!