Monday, July 29, 2013

Addicted to Color. And Fabric. A Foray Into Modern Quilting.

Everyone wants happiness;
Nobody wants pain.
But you can't have a rainbow
Without a little rain.

I ♥ rainbows. They are just so happy. And I love every color of the rainbow. There's not a single color I don't like, not even puce, although I think it is very unfortunately named.

I've always loved all things rainbow. I kind of held back, though, on making a rainbow quilt because I thought it might seem childish. But it seems like ROY G BIV {red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; I suppose the acronym makes it sound more grown-up} quilts are kind of the thing these days. I have two different quilts in progress that are going to be rainbow-y {I'm going with "rainbow," rather than the acronym because I'm not a grown-up yet} and I'm dreaming up another one in my head.

I seems that modern fabrics are kind of the thing these days as well. I'm a little behind the times, but I thought I'd venture out into some new territory. Just look at these lovelies.

Living Lattice in Red
Chevron Small in Tone on Tone Red
Maze in Orange
Tile in Persimmon
Metro Living Circles in Marigold
Leaf in Sun
Tarika in Moss
Reunion Daisy's Dates in Key Lime
Metro Living Circles in Chartreuse
Pearl Bracelet in Basil
Geometric Frames in Aquatic Blue
Mod Boxes in Blue
Just Color in Chambray
Citadel in Indigo
Metro Living Circles in Navy
Tiny Diamonds in Navy
Just Color in Grape
Geometric Ogee in Eggplant
Pearl Bracelet in Frosting
Geometric Eyelet in Honesysuckle Pink
Squared Elements in Watermelon

These fabrics are partly for the quilt idea I have in my head {which I may or may not get to sometime this decade; I have no less than 14 quilts in various states of finished-ness, or rather unfinished-ness} but they are mostly just to have in my stash. Stash buying isn't something I usually do. I try to buy with a project in mind {which is probably why I have 14 PhD quilts}. But you see, despite my better judgement, I keep going to visit Amy Smart over at Diary of a Quilter. And after I do that, I have to spend money {see also, Indie and Sparkle All the Way Christmas Quilt}. She introduced me to Pink Castle Fabrics and their Stash Stack Club, which I promptly joined. It seemed like a good idea. I also ordered 13 of the 21 prints shown above {the other 8 came from my favorite LQS, but I found links for you on-line. You're welcome}. That also seemed like a good idea. Their prices are kind of awesome.

What, exactly is the Stash Stack Club {and no, I'm not getting compensation of any kind to tell you, but if the folks at Pink Castle want to send me the July Stash Stack Fat Quarter Bundle, because I missed it, I wouldn't say no}? Brenda at Pink Castle has teamed up with Jeni at In Color Order and each month, they put together 12 modern fabrics from a single color family that are either tone on tone or that color plus white. Then they put them in a package and ship them off to you so you can admire them and pet them and put them in your stash. Read more by clicking the button below.

Pink Castle Fabrics

While I'm waiting for my first Stash Stack to arrive, I've been thinking a lot about color. Jeni has put together a really great series on choosing, folding and storing fabric, fabric types, color basics, color schemes and color combinations. I especially love her posts on color. I mean, I learned about the color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors and complementary colors when I took art class in Jr. High. But Jeni takes it to a whole new level. Check it out.

I also went through my stash and pulled out all the modern{ish} fabrics I had that fall into the "stash builder" category. Not too shabby, eh? I think I'm on the way to a modern stash.


Vicki said...

Yay for the modern stash! I am seriously depleted in orange and aqua since I finished my Summer Stars quilt. The modern fabric I'm thinking I need soon is Lush Uptown, have you seen it??

Paulette said...

You had me at puce. I think it's a great (albeit unfortunate) name for a color because you almost have to make a disgusted face as you say it, lol.

It looks like you have an excellent start to a rainbow stash. Have fun collecting!

Oh, that I had a piece of that apple green tiny polka dot in my stash right now for the quilt I'm remaking. Can you tell me who makes it/what the name of it is?

Shay said...

Im loving that rainbow of colour. Just imagine all the lovely things you could do with them. The possibilities would be running through my head a mile a minute!