Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travelogue: Day 2, Tubing the Portneuf River, Idaho

What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt — it is sure to get where it is going, and doesn't want to go anywhere else. –Hal Boyle

12:24 am
Can't. turn. my. brain. off.

1:37 am
I miss my bed. A lot.

8:00 am
It's a good day. Day two of vacation!

I'm posting from my iPhone again today. It takes about four times as long.

Last night while I was cutting the watermelon for lunch today, two cute little girls, one being LadyBug and the other being her cousin, Amber, came and asked me if they could tell me a secret. I told them that they could. They asked if it could be somewhere else. I said it could. They led me to the back of the house, to the master bedroom and as we went, they asked me not to tell anyone else. Their excitement was almost tangible.

They led me through the bedroom into a small office. The room was completely empty, except for a built-in counter along one wall. There were no windows, and the floor had thick carpet on it. They pulled a rug, made from the same carpet, back to reveal a trap door in the floor, covered by the same carpet. Amber tapped out a knock and I heard footsteps. The door swung up and two more cousins, Emily and Kate, emerged from a secret basement.

Emily explained that they wanted an adult to know where they were so no one would worry. They had placed either five hand towels or five placemats on the floor in a circle. There was a plate of cookies in the center and a cup for each girl at her spot in the circle. They showed me thier secret knock, asked whether I had a flash light and if I could bring a fifth cousin down when she got back from running an errand with her dad. They told me to make sure to put the rug over the trapdoor and sent me on my way.

This was awesome on so many levels. LadyBug and her cousins had found one of those magical places that only exist in childhood. And something I had done made me the cool mom who they could trust with their secret.

8:41 am
Booyah! We're on vacation! It's only day two, but it is going by so quickly.

9:15 am
Breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and fruit.

9:50 am
We are going tubing on the Portneuf River today. We're in charge of lunch. I did a bit of prep yesterday, but I need to cook the bacon for sandwiches and slice the tomatoes. I think we're leaving about 10:30. That should be plenty of time to get the rest of the prep work done and the food packed.

10:09 am
Mr. Bug just started pulling food from the fridge to put it in the coolers. I forgot that I brought celery to cut into sticks and onions and cucumbers to slice for sandwiches. I'd better cut faster.

11:07 am
Portneuf River, here we come!

12:28 pm
It's a little bit like herding cats, but we've all been properly sun blocked, outfitted with life jackets, tubes have been rented, groups designated and we're getting in the water.
{LadyBug, Emily, Sarah, Amber}

Having too much fun to keep track of the time
Lunch was great and everyone is having so much fun.

Best thing about the day: splashing down the river.
Nothing you can really do about the day: the shortness or lack of length of the river run.
Worst thing about the day: sand in your shoes.
{Tyler & Grasshopper}

5:00 pm
Someone did keep track of the time, and our tube rental is up. We have to turn them back in and bid the river farewell. All good things must come to an end.

6:28 pm
Dinner: taco salad. Yum!

8:26 pm
Some of the folks are headed to the hot springs. Mr. Bug and the Not-So-Little Bugs don't want to go. But I think I will.

9:23 pm
Wow. That water is really warm. And this is supposed to be the cooler pool?

10:33 pm
That was really relaxing. I'm so glad I went.

Today was a really fun day! And tomorrow is another adventure.


Shay said...

A secret cellar! You nailed it with your description "LadyBug and her cousins had found one of those magical places that only exist in childhood". I was almost as excited reading about that as they would have been finding it.

It sounds like you're really starting to relax. Thats a perfect vacation thing to do.

mom said...

Oh wow! how much fun is all of that! I love rafting down the river but it has been quite some time. I even have fond memories of tubing down the Weber River with my dad over fifty years ago. along with other times and other rivers! And how fun is a secret basment for just the girls!

Paulette said...

How cool is that to find a secret place (away from the boys!). The hot springs at the end of the day sounds wonderful.