Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twilight Quilter's Coven Gift Exchange

The Twilight Quilters Coven started the New Year out with a gift exchange. We each answered a little questionnaire and then Iris' husband used a computer program to draw and assign names for us. We had a $20 limit and a mailing deadline of January 15th. We kept it a secret who we'd drawn and it was fun to see the gifts arrive at destinations across the U.S., and one each to Canada and Australia. I received my gift on January 19th. I reported the following:

I got my exchange gift today! It was from Jerri Lynn and she picked the one thing off my list (mentioned casually in the middle of everything else) that I really wanted and could really use right now. Here it is, all wrapped up in custom Bella and Edward at the Prom wrapping paper:

And here it is unwrapped (I couldn't figure out what the 'bump' in the paper was):

It is a 6½" square ruler! I was just thinking today that if I didn't get one in the exchange I'd go and buy one for myself. This is the exact one I wanted! It is an Omnigrip, which means it doesn't slide around on your fabric. I love it! I've been doing errands again today, so I haven't made much progress on Alice's Porsche, but I'm going to stay up as late as it takes to finish it, just so I can use my new ruler . Thank you Jerri Lynn. I also got some machine needles (always handy) and two fun fat quarters:

The orange one with ladybugs and flowers might have to go in my Bug Jar quilt.

Too much fun! Thank you again!

The recipient of my gift was Iris. I picked one thing off her wish list, and combined information from her wish list with things I knew about her and my own idea for my exchange buddy (developed before I knew who she would be) to create what I hope was a personalized and fun gift. She received her gift in two packages because I ordered part of it on-line and had it sent directly to her. That gift arrived on a Saturday and the rest not until Tuesday (because that Monday was a mail holiday). It left her wondering for a few days and was kind of fun for me to keep the suspense going as she was the first in our group to receive anything. She posted:

Coming at a great time to cheer me up from a "down" weekend, this afternoon I opened the mail to find a surprise from my secret exchange buddy! It's a 5" x 7" matte print of this beautiful sketch of Robert Pattinson by Noel Cruz. Thanks secret buddy! I heart you. I'll update this post when I find out who sent it!

Update: Elizabeth was my xchange buddy! Look at the beautiful "Abbey Bag" pincushion/scrap bag she made me! She'd sent me the pattern but let's face it I was never going to get around to making it! This is perfect! And a selection of green fabrics. She knows I love green! Also the little rascal sent along a frame for that gorgeous print of the Robert Pattinson sketch! I had been thinking about getting a large frame and putting a printout of the original photo next to the sketch....now I have a better idea since I already got a frame, I'll just print out the original small and put it on the lower right corner! I heart you Elizabeth! Thanks for the great goodies!

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