Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: Bella & Edward's Cottage

I stared into the violet dark. There, nestled into a small clearing in the forest, was a tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars.

It belonged here so absolutely that it seemed as if it must have grown from the rock, a natural formation. Honeysuckle climbed up one wall like a lattice, winding all the way up and over the thick wooden shingles. Late summer roses bloomed in a handkerchief-sized garden under the dark, deep-set windows. There was a little path of flat stones, amethyst in the night, that led up to the quaint arched wooden door.
–Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, page 475

The idea for little houses representing the places where Bella spent time came from the Mystery Quilt. The first block was a nine-patch that had four little houses in it. I loved that idea and wanted to keep it as my quilt layout evolved. That block remained part of the layout until the very last change, when I decided that I wanted "fancy" houses. The pattern for this little stone cottage came from the EQ5 program. Well, that's where it started. I scanned the image in and then used Microsoft Paint to remove elements and change the pattern to fit into my quilt. I based the design on the cottage in the Stephenie Meyer quilt, Piece, Love, Twilight. In my quilt, Bella & Edward's Cottage is part of a larger section, but it is exciting for me to see my quilt come together piece by piece (especially when each block takes so long). The roof and stone path fabrics are from Iris (thanks!). And I couldn't do without Fairy Frost (Fog at the windows). It isn't quite finished. I'm going to embroider on some honeysuckle vine and perhaps a little rose bush.

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Jennifer Lovell said...

All of these fabrics are so pretty, and I love the design. I bet you had fun putting this one together, especially for what it represents : )!