Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: Charlie's House Preview

I've been working on the Charlie's House section of the quilt. It encompasses the area of one 6"x 6" block, one 6" x 4" block and the 1" of sashing that would go in between the blocks, so it is an 11" x 6" area. I still haven't decided what fabric to use for the house, although I pulled a few and have been pondering them. Even though the block isn't finished I couldn't resist giving a sneak preview of the forest* that goes next to the house and take up 5" of the 11" across. Iris used this pattern for one of the trees in her Flight Home block in the New Moon Quilt and Jerri Lynn used this tree in her own Twilight quilt. I loved it, so Iris shared her pattern. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing, ladies! LadyBug helped me pick out the green for the trees. She did a pretty good job, I think. There'll be a third green across the bottom as 'grass' but I'm going to do that after I attach the forest* to the house so it is one strip across the bottom & I don't have to worry about matching seams.

*Key: 1 Paper Pieced Tree = 500 Trees in the Forks Forest
1 Raw-Edge Appliqué Tree = 150 Trees in the Forks Forest

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