Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friends Who Know Me Well

All the world is a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.
-George Harrison

I have wonderful friends who know me well. I'm making a little list here of all the special birthday gifts I received because I want to mark the occasion with a bit of gratitude. From Iris, I got this lovely virtual birthday cake. She knows my tastes well. She also got me some lovely hand-dyed fabrics. I'm dreaming of all the ways I can use them. From Wanda, an adorable package of dotted fabric and a Harry Potter hologram musical birthday card. From a sweet neighbor and friend, a most delicious homemade dinner and 12 quarts of her home canned beans. What an amazing treat! From my most adorably Sparkling non-quilting TwilightMOM friend, a Chocolate Spa in a box, complete with hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows, a decadent caramel filled chocolate bar, a chocolate mask, some sparkly pink nail polish and a little bling to wear after my 'spa appointment.' From a most thoughtful sister-in-law, a year-round Utah gardening book. From my best girlfriend in the world, two of the most beautiful and fragrant red roses and a soft and fuzzy teddy bear we named Clark. From a fellow Primary worker, a plate of homemade goodies. From one of my dearest friends and neighbors, some deliciously smooth hand dipped chocolates (YUM!) and a very beautiful designed-by-her indoor plant arrangement. I have the perfect spot for it -- if only the kids don't knock it over. And from my best friend and spouse, the man who knows me best, an electric blanket with all the whistles and bells. It was so lovely to be remembered and in so many thoughtful ways. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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Lorelei said...

This cake is beautiful!!