Monday, January 11, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: The Third Layout

While I worked on my blocks, I also worked on another modification to my layout. I had blocks grouped in relation to each other. And I decided that Isle Esme was definitely in the wrong place. I decided to place the blocks more chronologically, so that my quilt would tell the story in order. I drew out a third layout on grid paper, keeping with the 6" blocks. I also got 'high tech' with this layout, scanning it and then adding in color. I grouped the blocks according to which books they came from, rather than grouping them by who the blocks were about. (Click on the images for a closer look.)

As my layouts for the quilt evolved, I'd done quite a bit of re-making of blocks. This process refined the ideas, but also meant a lot of work. I wanted to keep everything I'd done so far; that is to say, the one block I hadn't already dismantled, remade or abandoned from the Mystery Quilt, and the remakes and other blocks I'd added in as my layout evolved to this point. However, in this layout I finally dropped the last piece from the Mystery Quilt that I'd kept through all the changes; the first block with four little houses all in one block.

There was too much blank space in the corners (I considered pulling the corners out and putting in a tree on each corner) and the sizing was off for this new layout. I wanted to keep the idea though, so I placed the houses individually and founding patterns for cute 'fancy' houses to replace the four from the Mystery Quilt. I also set aside a block for the Swiss flag, and added in a few more trees.

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