Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: How It All Began

I'm a closet Twilight fan. But I think I just 'outed' myself. The Twilight books are books that some people just love and some people just hate. Some might argue that they are campy and adolescent and that they don't adhere to Vampire Cannon. But I find them incredibly romantic and I'm not into vampires anyway. Personally, I love that Stephenie Meyer made her own rules and created her own universe. Who cares if the vampires don't have fangs and can come out during the day?

I started reading Twilight on September 16, 2008. My world was turned completely upside down and I had to rethink my life. I scoured the web for anything Twilight related and eventually ended up at TwilightMOMS. I joined the forums and made friends. That's where I met Heather Laddick, Zeppelin Threads Quilt shop owner. She was thinking of making a Twilight quilt and sharing the patterns 'mystery style.' I encouraged her to go ahead with her plans. In January of 2009 she started giving out instructions for her quilt and I followed along. She'd divided her quilt into six sections, revealing them one section at a time every two weeks.

So, I selected my fabrics and began work. As I got working on things, I realized that I had enough fabric for two quilts and I decided that I was going to make one for myself and one for Stephenie Meyer.

The first section, "Freshman Year" was a representation of the places Bella frequented in the books; (moving clockwise) Charlie's House, Jacob's House, The Cullen's House and Bella and Edward's Cottage. The chimneys made a Swiss Flag in the center of the block,representing Bella's 'neutral status' and declaration I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.

Section two, or "Sophomore Year" was a representation of the forest in and around Forks. Since none of us had seen the final design of the quilt, we were all wondering how these amazing tree trunks were going to be finished off.

"Junior Year" was a lot of fun. It was a representation of Edward and Jacob. The 'Edward' blocks sat on either side of 'Jacob.'

"Senior Year" was the first section that I was really not excited about. It was a progression of the moon phases from New Moon to Full Moon. It was clever, but it seemed a 'space filler' to me.

After Senior Year, there was a huge pause in the proceedings. Heather had some unforeseen personal issues arise, and so I began to dabble around with my own designs. Eventually, instructions for the last two sections of the quilt, "Prom" and "Graduation," were posted, but by then I had decided to go a different direction with my quilt.

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Sandra C. said...

Are the Twilight Quilt Blocks still available. Can't find them through the link.
S. Caulder