Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: Renesmee's Locket

I shook the little golden locket into his palm. It was round with a slender vine border carved around the outside edge of the circle. Edward popped the tiny catch and looked inside. There was space for a small picture and, on the opposite side, an inscription in French.

“Do you know what this says?” he asked.

“The shopkeeper told me it said something along the lines of
‘more than my own life.’ –Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Page 651

My Twilight Quilt had to include a representation of Renesmee. I thought the locket would be perfect. I tried using a pattern by Shae at SewHooked, modifying the top. It came out looking too chunky and too much like a perfume bottle, even after a second modification to the top of the locket.

So, I drafted out my own pattern, adding a twisting loop to the top for the area where the chain should go through. I'll probably add a bit of gold chain to this block after it has been quilted. I used my Civil War reproduction fabric for the background and Fairy Frost in Yellow and Gold for the locket itself. Fellow TwilightMOM, Jerri Lynn, did the little French quote in machine embroidery for me -- Thanks! -- and I stitched the vine on my machine (which was new in February of 2008 and was like upgrading from Bella's truck to her Mercedes).

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