Monday, January 11, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: The Third Layout Revisited

As I added color to my third layout, I discovered that I could add in the pictures I'd take of all the the blocks so far. It was so fun for me to see my quilt 'come to life.' (Click on the image for a closer look).

This layout wasn't complete, though. I had a 4" x 6" area that needed to be filled in the Eclipse section and wondered about the necessity of two Vegetarian Vampire Eyes blocks. I asked for suggestions from fellow TwilightMOMS and a couple of friends and came up with some changes and additions. I removed one of the Vegetarian Vampire Eyes blocks, moved the Lion and the Lamb block up, scooted Vampire Baseball and Charlie over and added a Bella's Birthday block. At the time, the Twilight Quilters Coven was in the process of creating a New Moon Quilt for charity, and I realized that the birthday party was an important part of New Moon book. In the Eclipse section, I moved the Switzerland block over to the 4" x 6" area (not knowing how that would work out ahead of time) and adding in a Battle in the Woods scene. I felt like those changes and additions made my quilt complete.

What started out as a 'snuggle-up-under-and-read' quilt has transformed into a 'add-a-room-onto-the-house-and-built-a-shrine-to-it' quilt. As the saying goes: "Go big or go home."

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