Monday, January 11, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: My Jacob

“. . . You started mumbling some nonsense about 'Jacob, my Jacob.'” I could hear the pain, even in the whisper. “Your Jacob enjoyed that quite a lot.”

I stretched my neck up, straining to reach my lips to the edge of his jaw. I couldn't see into his eyes. He was staring up at the ceiling of the tent.

“Sorry,” I murmured. “That's just the way I differentiate.”


“Between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Between the Jacob I like and the one who annoys the hell out of me” I explained.
–Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, Eclipse, page 512

This is Cat's Paw Print pattern. I thought it was a great representation for Bella's 'My Jacob,' the side of him that she liked, even loved. I added claws to the block (inspired by Iris) so that it would look more like a werewolf paw. Even though they are claws, they are still fairly benign and the block fits that part of Jacob who is Bella's friend. The pattern is for a 5" block. I wanted the paw to stay the size it was but needed the block to be 6", so instead of enlarging the pattern, I added extra fabric to the edge pieces, hoping to have enough fabric all the way around to square up once the block was finished. But I didn't add quite enough to keep the paw in the center of the block. Adding the claws changes the center of the block, so I had to add the strips around the edges, which I really hate. It makes it look like you miscalculated on size, which is exactly what I did. The off-white background fabric is on ration because I'm using it for the Cullen's house as well. And now I come to think of it, the russet fabric is slated for a howling wolf block (the 'other' Jacob), so a re-make is not an option, nor is it really necessary.

Did I mention that I like adding blocks to my layout as I complete them? It confirms that the 'picture in my head' of the quilt is actually going to come out the way I want it. And it keeps me motivated, since this project keeps getting put on hold for other, more pressing matters.

I'm not sure what to work on next. I'm wondering if I should start with Bella's truck and go from there, left to right, top to bottom, or if I should just fill in wherever I'm interested in? When I was a kid, I had a coloring book that I wanted to color in order, starting at page 1 and moving to the end. One of my friend didn't like that idea, but my mom stood up for me and told her that's how I wanted it, so she needed to go in order if she wanted to color. I really like 'coloring inside the lines.' It would be fun to fill in the layout in order. But I'm exited about all of the blocks, so I really don't know where to go from here. I'm also afraid that when I get to Charlie's House, I'll get stuck. I'm not sure what color to make the house. The books don't say what color it is and it is white in the movie. But I'm going to make the Cullen's house white, so I don't want two white houses. Jacob's house is red, well faded red. So, I don't know where to go with that one. I need to go back and do a little tweaking on Isle Esme. I'm going to make the house a little bigger and scoot the other elements a little closer together. I'm also going to make the horizon line uneven. So, should I start there? I also have a lot of hand work to do on the Forks Forest trees and need to make the "Forks" sign to go on the top row. Should I finish up both of those things before I start work on a new block? And then there's the Wedding Dance block, which is really like 7 or 8 elements combined and takes the space of 4 blocks, but will probably be the most work of any of the blocks so far. Should I do that and get it over with so the rest is smooth sailing? What to do? What to do?

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