Monday, May 31, 2010

Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband: Part II

I want to be a rock star and travel really far and buy me a big expensive car.
And make lots of money and find me a honey
And live in a nice big house where it's sunny
With a pool and I'll be cool
I'll always have a gig 'cause I'll be big
I'll have parties and friends and places to go
The only problem is
I play the banjo

-Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband, Banjo Boy

Remember when I posted about Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband? Well, the bass player, Ryan Tilby (pictured above on the far right), commented on my post! I'm not sure how he found me, because I'm mostly about quilting and Twilight and gardening with a bit of cooking and family stuff thrown in, but I was totally giddy! Fangirl giddy, I'm ashamed to admit. I'm glad that I didn't post bootleg RSRB stuff (except for the pictures, which I totally stole off their site). In the event that lightning strikes twice and Ryan Tilby comes back, I'm now begging for forgiveness for stealing your photos and requesting permission to leave them up (code for I'm leaving them so you might as well get on board).

I also thought I'd post a few things about RSRB that I didn't know how to fit in my first post. First, I mentioned that they are all seriously talented musicians. Each has been playing for years and most of them play more than one instrument. I mentioned that sometimes they play each others instruments. Here are all five guys playing one upright bass. Don't ask me how they figured this one out.

That isn't the most spectacular on-stage stunt they do, though. Sometimes they'll line up and have one hand on their own instrument and the other on the guy's next to them and amazingly music still comes out. That is one you have to see to believe.

Next, I just have to say that I think that it is really cool that a group of Utah Boys has made it to the big-time (see Banjo Boy). RSRB has songs on a couple of LDS genre movie soundtracks. Snow, which I referenced here, was featured on the 2000 film, God's Army. In 2001, they played a song called Go to Hell in a bar on-screen in the movie Brigham City. Here's a bit of random trivia about that movie, which is only remotely connected to RSRB. The bar where RSRB played is now a Mexican restaurant called Joe Bandito's. I live a stone's throw away from Joe Bandito's and they have the best Mexican food around. If you're ever in Utah, give me a ring and we can meet up for lunch at Bandito's. Also, there is a city called Brigham in Utah, but the filming of the movie Brigham City mostly took place in other locations across the state.

Back to RSRB. Of the two movies that RSRB has songs in, I would highly recommend Brigham City, because although is falls in the LDS film genre, it is mostly because the writer/director/producer, Richard Dutcher, is LDS and set his movie in a predominantly LDS community. You really don't have to know anything about the religion to understand what is going on in the film, so if you're interested, it is available on NetFlix.

And lastly, I'm not sure how to wrap up this post. So, I'll end by saying, Ryan Tilby, if you come back to visit (or send any of the other members of RSRB over here), I'd love some passes (four please) to see you guys at the Sandy Amphitheater on Friday.

Shameless. I know.

P.S. Having a world-famous musician comment on my blog twice (squee!!!) totally Makes My Monday, so I'm linking up over at Twinfatuation.


Ryan said...

Well, I've got to say something now...
First: I'm not a quilter. I have, however, read all the Twilight books. No lie.
Second: All of us playing the bass at once - we have no lives, and free-time abounds. We've come up with dumber things than this, they just don't make it to the stage.
And Third: Alas, Sandy is one show I can't get you tickets to. BUT: if you can make it to the show, make it to me, and remind me who you are, I'll see that you have CD's and stickers (maybe even a t-shirt!) to last you until we do another show I can score you tickets to.

Gravyboy said...

Wow! Seeing that he's already responded to your call out Makes My Monday, too! Thanks so much for linking up and playing along!

Annelise said...

this practically makes YOU famous, elizabeth!! you HAAAAVE to go this friday. have to have to!