Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twi-Quilters Projects

I belong to a really fun on-line quilting group called the Twi-Quilters.

Our group grows and shrinks, depending on what we have going on. Right now, we have ten members, but sometimes we have eight or twelve. It depends on what the weather is like and the current quilting conditions. I've worked on some really fun projects with these ladies and even though we live scattered across the globe, we've become friends above all else.

We've worked on several quilts together and I've posted enough that I wanted to make a little index for easy reference to the projects. I'll update it as I add more posts about our projects.

Piece, Love, Twilight: A Quilt for Stephenie Meyer
New Moon Charity Quilt
Baby Quilt for Cat
Eclipse Give to Win Quilt
Baby Quilt for Mel
Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt
Cuddlepie & Snugglepot Baby Quilt for Cat

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coley said...

It is like the weather isn't it? LOL
I do love your blocks hun!