Monday, June 7, 2010

Grasshopper Gets Glasses

We see very largely with the mind, and only partly with the eyes.
-William H. Bates

This is Grasshopper. Isn't he a handsome boy! Not too long ago he began complaining of not being able to see very well. I really hoped he just wanted to fit in with the rest of our little family. Mr. Bug began wearing glasses in the 4th grade and has been 20/600 (blind as a bat) since about the 8th grade. Grasshopper just finished up the 4th grade. I started wearing glasses in the 8th grade, and though my vision isn't horrible, it is worse at every check-up and I have a such a strong astigmatism that I can't get 20/20 vision with glasses. And LadyBug started wearing glasses the spring before she went in to Kindergarten. Unlike the rest of us, though, she's farsighted.

When Grasshopper started complaining over breakfast that he couldn't see the clock from across the kitchen, I decided that I'd ignore it and hope that the problem went away. I really didn't want him to experience the joys of wearing glasses. But he failed an eye test at school, so we took him to the eye doctor and he prescribed glasses for Grasshopper. I suppose it was inevitable, given that his sister, both his parents and all four of his grandparents wear glasses.

Grasshopper had a great time picking out his frames. He was pretty excited about wearing them. He carried around his glasses case in his pocket for about a week, just in case he needed to take his glasses off at recess or while playing at a friend's house. And then the novelty started to wear off. They got bumped and bent out of shape and the glasses started to wear sore spots. He forgot to put them on. And they became more of a hassle than the fun he thought they would be.

I can totally relate.


Shay said...

That boy of yours looks handsome in his glasses. I know he probably doesnt think so but all the smartest best looking dudes wear glasses, especially in Australia.

I can relate to the glasses thing too. At almost 44 I still have trouble rembering to put my glasses in their case and not throw them straight into my huge handbag.

Wanda said...

I got glasses for the first time in my 40's and went through all the same things as your cute Grasshopper! It's definitely an adjustment after the fun wears off! I agree that glasses are an outside sign as to being studious, reliable and much much more than meets the eye! Others will turn to Grasshopper for help in things!So Grasshopper, be proud and go for it!

Jennifer Lovell said...

He looks nice! I hope he doesn't mind them too much. I always loved boys in glasses. When I went to prom in high school, I requested that my date wear his glasses (instead of the contacts that he usually wore). Then I married someone with glasses :)...who only just got his first pairs of contacts a few months ago. Glasses are cool!

Little Lovables said...

awe, he looks cute in them! I was probably about 9 when I got contacts because my glasses always got broken too!