Friday, June 18, 2010

Grandma Week Day 4: Toy Story 3 and the Splash Pad

Day four of Grandma Week was filled with lots of fun things. We started out the day with the first showing of Toy Story 3. Grandma bought our tickets on line and I have to say that whoever thought of reserved seating for movie theaters is a genius. There were sixteen of us and we took up nearly two rows, high in the center section. Pictured here left to right: LadyBug, Miss Butterfly and Mantis and in the front, Roly-Poly and Cap'n Underpants.

Grandma snuck in had little goodie bags with Swedish Fish, gummy bears and granola bars and we got a large popcorn which we divide out into little bags for everyone. It is a good thing that you get a free refill with the large popcorn. We also got some large sodas to share, which we divided out into smaller cups with lids for the small hands. Pictured here: Grasshopper (who thinks he has to make a funny face in every picture) and Mouse.

After the movie we had a little lunch and them some ice cream treats. Grandma always has ice cream because ice cream always makes you feel better. Left to right: Roly-Poly, Miss Butterfly, Mantis, Lizard and Mouse in front.

Then we stopped in to see Grandma's dad, who is my Grandpa and the kids' great-grandpa. It was a quick visit, with lots of hugs and treats for all the great-grandkids. Behind the couch from left to right: Lizard, Grasshopper, Andrew, LadyBug, Me, Miss Butterfly, Julie (you haven't seen her before, she is Miss Butterfly, Mantis, Capn' Underpants and Roly-Poly's mom and the sister just after me). On the couch from left to right: Jill (my twin-ten-years-younger and Lizard and Mouse's mom), Mouse, Pixie (sleeping on Jill's lap), Cap'n Underpants, Great-Grandpa, Roly-Poly Bug and Mantis.

And then we went to the Splash Pad. As it is a public area, there are some random kids on the photos. I'll just skip over them. Here is Grasshopper with the water gun and Pixie is in the far right corner.

Cap'n Underpants (sans underpants) on the opposing water gun.

Pixie taking a turn with the water gun.

Roly-Poly Bug, Grandma and Pixie playing in the fountains.

Roly-Poly, Mantis, LadyBug and Grasshopper playing in the fountains.

Pixie and the Cap'n playing in the fountains.

LadyBug playing in the fountains.

And because she is just so darn cute, LadyBug playing in the fountains some more.

Miss Butterfly under the dumping buckets. The water was really cold.

The kid patrol (left to right): Grandma, Jill, Julie, Andrew and Grasshopper.

Quote of the Day: Too wet! My feet! Too wet!


Shay said...

Grandma week is the coolest idea ever. When Little P gets big enough -I'm so doing Bella week with him.

Looks like everyone is having an absolute ball. How are the grown ups holding up?

Jennifer Lovell said...

I can't believe all the stamina your mom has to host so many great activities in one week. Amazing. Those kids are so lucky.