Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snowball Night: Weeks 13, 14, 15 and 16

The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer. –Henry Clay

And I will tell winter that I was making snowball quilts to keep me all snuggly and warm. Karen, it really was a brilliant idea to start this at the beginning of summer.

I hope nobody feels gypped that I haven't done pictures and a weekly report the last couple of weeks. Even though some of you said you weren't bored, I got bored with reporting on corners finished and finding new ways to pose my blocks for photos. I have been working on it a bit each week though, and here is what I've been up to.

Week 13 {August 24}: Put the fourth corner on all 48 blocks. Sewed up the left-over corner pieces into 48 HST's. Matched 48 HST's from corner three to 48 HST's from corner four to make 48 half baby snowball blocks for the back.

Week 14 {August 31}: Added a sashing piece down the left side of each block. Put setting squares on the remaining sashing pieces. Attached them to the top of each block {I did not lay them out first, but just sewed them together. I think last time I did lay everything out first and then arranged the sashing/setting block pieces to make sure the colors were evenly distributed, before I sewed them together. That was probably the better way to go}. Sewed 48 half baby snowball blocks from corners 1 and 2 {week 11} to 48 half baby snowball blocks from corners 3 and 4 {week 13} to make 48 baby snowball blocks for the back of the quilt.

Week 15 {September 7}: Squared up baby snowball blocks to 2½". Laid quilt out on living room floor design wall. Pressed seams in opposite directions, row by row, so they will nest during assembly. Stacked blocks into rows for assembly.

Here is the quilt laid out. I think I like this quilt better than I did the first quilt when I laid it out.:

And because Grace will still be with Mr. Repair Man:

Week 16 {September 14}: Crickets.


pinksuedeshoe said...

It looks good! I need to break my projects down into weeks to get myself to finish them in a more timely fashion. Because I'm getting too old for my current "stay up for three or four nights in a row to finish" philosophy.

Angie said...

That is beautiful! Love it!!

Michelle said...

Another gorgeous snowball quilt! If I had room on my bucket list, I'd add one of these. Maybe one day, I will!

Shay said...

Gosh I forgot about how sweet your last quilt looked. Isnt this divine?