Monday, September 27, 2010

Woody's Quilt of Many Colors

A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.

Remember my adorable niece, Pixie? Well, she's now a big sister. Her little brother was born on September 1, 2010. Isn't he sweet? He's a little version of his daddy.

I had a hard time coming up with a name for the little guy. All the good bug names were taken. We were down to Millipede and Billbug and those certainly wouldn't do for such a sweet boy. I decided that if he was anything like his big sister, he'd probably be more of a magical creature than your ordinary, garden variety bug. So, I decided to call him Woodland Sprite; Woody for short.

And, of course, little Woody needed a new quilt. Remember those robes of many colors I made for the Little Bugs? And the Buggy Quilt of Many Colors I made from the scraps? Well, I had some more scraps left just waiting for the right baby to be made into a quilt for. Even before we knew if Woody was a boy or a girl, I was getting ready to make this quilt. It wasn't long after my brother and his wife announced that they were expecting that I was at JoAnn's with my trusty 50% off coupons to get some minkee for the back, and re-stock on solid flannel {on sale for $1.99 yard. Yes, I love a good deal} so that I could get this quilt together for the new baby.

This quilt is really nothing in the way of technique or design. But it was fun to put together because it is so soft and snuggly. I used the smaller scraps from the last quilt to make some four-patch blocks, and I used the left-over blue minkee from the robes and put in a few squares of red minkee from the back. I also bound this quilt with minkee, which turned out to be another of my sounds-good-in-my-head-but-is-a-little-tricky-in-the-execution ideas :crazy:. I'd planned to quilt this myself, but as the time got close for the baby to be born, I found myself procrastinating getting the quilt together. I was afraid that with minkee on the back and flannel and minkee blocks on the front that it would just be too bulky and heavy for me to do a good job. And then fate intervened.

Remember that streak of good luck I was having a while back with blog giveaways {I'm having you do a lot of remembering today, aren't I :lol:}? One of the giveaways I won was 50% off machine quilting on a small quilt {up to 45" x 60"} from Karen's Quilting Service! It was a perfect fit! I contacted Karen and she was really nice to work with. She replied to my e-mails quickly and answered all my questions and pretty soon, I had my top in the mail to her to be quilted {I actually put it in the mail on the day that Woody was born, but before I knew that was his birthday}. Not too long after that {it was like a week}, it was back at my house, all quilted and ready for binding. Thank you, Karen, for your generosity and for sharing your talents! I so much appreciate you quilting this for me.

As always, the artsy shots are fun, but I, personally, like to get a good look at the whole quilt, so for those of you who are a little like me, here it is, bound and ready to be delivered to little Woodland Sprite.

I haven't got a tag on it yet. I'm considering doing a hand embroidered tag for it {see above reference to ideas that sound good in my head :crazy:} and if I do that, it certainly won't be on a 2" block this time and I'm counting it as a whole other separate finish because it will take me as long to do that as it did to put the whole quilt to together.


Michelle said...

Now that is one happy quilt! Perfect for a new baby.

Unknown said...

What a precious little baby. The quilt will be loved for many years. Very pretty.

Paulette said...

Congrats to the new parents on their cute little boy!

I like the bright colors in this quilt. I'm always drawn to baby quilts made with minkee, but I have been reluctant to sew with it myself because it looks like it could be tricky. Yours looks like it quilted up nicely!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous colors! Love it.

-- Colleen @ Made by Colleen