Friday, November 5, 2010

Favourite Things Friday: Blogger's Quilt Festival Favorites

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
–Jack London

Sew and Tell is one of my Favourite things. I love to do it and I love to see what others sew and tell about. Amy has figured out a way to bring Sew and Tell to a whole new level. Twice a year she hosts the Blogger's Quilt Festival, a virtual feast of inspiration and a celebration of the common thread that binds all of us as quilters. You may have noticed my fall entry {or the one I did last spring; yes I know, blatant self-promotion :lol:}. As I browsed through the quilts last spring, I started making a collection of links to quilts that stood out to me with the intention of sharing my favorites after I finished visiting {and commenting on} all 579 quilts :rofl:. I only made it through about a hundred quilts in that Festival and never got back to it. Now a new Quilt Festival is here {ending today}. I didn't want to waste my effort {this is the original post made-over; I've saved it as a draft for the last six months :crazy:}, because these are still really beautiful quilts. Here are the quilts I wanted to highlight from the Spring Festival {highlight and not recreate the festival because you can go there and browse for yourself :wink:}.

Y2K10 Watercolor Quilt by Sew Inspired. After she put her quilt in the Quilt Festival, she took it on tour, bringing it here for the Springville Art Museum Quilt Show this summer. I got to see it in person and snapped a picture for evidence. It was even better in person.

Sudoku Quilt by So Happy
Pinwheel Sampler in Blush by Dolls from the Loft {Sigh. Someday I'll finish mine.}

My approach to the Festival this time around is a little different as the festival is a little different. Unless I want my house to fall down around me, I won't be able to see all the quilts. So, every day I've browsed {and commented — if I visited your quilt you know I was there. And if I didn't visit you, I'm sorry!} a little bit, clicking on the thumbnail links that stand out to me with the time I have available. And again, I wanted to share a few favorites {still trying not to recreate the festival here but finding it difficult with all the amazing eye candy}. I hope you'll click on one or two links and see these amazing quilts.

Mosaic Circles by Kameleon
Sheer Whim by Original Art Quilts by Maria Elkins {I linked to all posts tagged under that quilt because her BQF post isn't very detail specific. The process was fascinating, so if you have the time, click through her posts as she worked on it. Or for the Cliff's Notes version, you can check out her Gallery Post}
Pink Lemonade by Ypsilanti Dilettante
WallFlowers: #5 by D.E.signed

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Paulette said...

I am going to click on every one of those links when I have some time this evening! Thanks for sharing your favorites. It's always cool to know what appeals to a fellow quilt sister. I know I'm probably not going to make it around to all of them in the festival, but if I do a few at a time, who knows how far I'll get (eventually).

Vicki said...

Thanks for showing off my quilt again, Elizabeth! I ought to make it a goal to do what I need to get that hanging on my big living room wall.

I am going to try to visit all the quilt festival links but it's going to take me a long time. Like another month. :)

Kate said...

Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival is really something. I participated for the first time this year. I somehow missed the spring festival, but did do a lot of looking at the 2009 Fall Festival. This year I've been trying to look at one row of quilts a night. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing the links to your favourites, I will be clicking on them to have a look at what you have chosen. I agree with P it is lovely to see what appeals to fellow quilters.
I participated in the Fall Quilt Festival this year for the first time. I didn't even know about the Spring Festival!!! It was fabulous looking at the quilts. I tried to get around to as many as possible but there are so many and I wanted to leave a meaningful comment on everyone I saw, so it has taken me a long time and I have probably only commented on 100 or so, so far.

Larri said...

I've enjoyed browsing all the quilts. Yours is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

Shay said...

I have loved participating in the festival too and getting round to see as many as I can. I've stalled at about the 100 mark too.

I love that you've linked some favourites. I had a few standouts as well. It's terrific to see what other people like . We're all so diverse but bound by the common thread of our love for quilting. It's almopst like a universal quilting bee.

Quilting sisters unite!

Thanks for putting these out there E.

Helsie said...

I must admit I've had a quick peek at the Quilt Festival. Must go back for another look at your favourites this weekend.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I have seen a few of the lovely quilts in the festival thanks to fellow bloggers and now I have a new list to browse thru during my tea breaks this week....thanks for sharing, I love seeing how creative everyone is :-)