Friday, May 27, 2011

Favourite Things Friday: Ice Cream

Ode to Ice Cream
by Vada Sultenfuss

I like ice cream a whole lot.
It tastes good when days are hot.
On a cone, or in a dish,
This would be my only wish.
Vanilla, chocolate, or Rocky Road,
Even with pie a la mode.

I love ice cream; it is something I inherited from my mother. Creamy and cold, the perfect texture and taste sensation; ice cream always makes you feel better. If Ben and Jerry lived in my town, I would be their best friend, because those boys know how to make ice cream. I would probably get a job at their factory and be contented to receive my wages in pints of their delicious ice cream. Half-Baked is one of my most favorite guilty pleasures. It is the perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie bites in it. Simply divine.

I'm not a big fan of nuts in my ice cream, but other than that, how can you go wrong if it is ice cream? Growing up my dad's parents would take us to the 31 Flavors and I would pick either rainbow sherbet or orange sherbet. On a sugar cone. Still two of my favorite flavors. One April Fool's Day my mom served us ice cream for breakfast. As a teenager, my sister and I would go to the deli counter at the grocery store and get a scoop as big as your fist for 50₵. I'd usually pick chocolate peanut butter. When I lived in Brasil I had guava ice cream several times and absolutely loved it. I also had vanilla ice cream that came with raisins mixed right in while I was there. I know that sounds really strange, but the raisins somehow stayed soft and were the perfect compliment to the vanilla ice cream. Yes. I love ice cream.

Two weeks ago I found my favorite ice cream flavor ever. Milk & Cookies. One glance through the window on the freezer case and I knew that this incredible concoction was coming home with me. It is vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate cookies, not unlike cookies 'n cream ice cream. But what makes this ice cream so perfect are the little bits of chocolate chip cookies AND chocolate chocolate chip cookies mixed in. Even the name is perfect. Mr. Bug and I ate a whole container in one sitting.

Over the last several years, I have had to make serious cut-backs on dairy. I still indulge in ice cream, probably more than I should, but as milk is one of the main ingredients I try to stay away. In its absence, I have found something that looks like ice cream and tastes like ice cream but is not ice cream. Häagen-Dazs sorbet has no dairy whatsoever and is a little bit of heaven on a spoon. The peach, strawberry and raspberry sorbet flavors are all really yummy, but I think I like mango the best. Sorbet is less than half the calories of ice cream with no fat but you still get that 'feel good' factor that ice cream gives you.

And now if you'll excuse me, there is a pint of Milk & Cookies in the freezer with my name on it.

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Larri said...

My favorite is Dulce de Leche. Yum! We eat ice cream almost every night for dessert. Usually vanilla with strawberries or homemade chocolate sauce atop. I'll be peering into the frosty depths of the grocery freezer looking for Milk & Cookies this weekend. Sounds delicious!

Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

Paulette said...

When I blow my no sugar diet, I'm going to buy some of that sorbet!

Janice said...

My husband is my an ice cream distributor. He is always bringing home ice cream, especially when I am trying to stay on a diet.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up memories of home today. While growing up, my dad was probably the one that inspired us to love ice cream, even the dog loved it. If my dad opened the freezer door, the dog knew it was ice cream time. The dog didn't come if dad opened the refrigerator door, just the freezer door. Thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

Cherry Cordial or Mint Chocolate Chip

mom said...

Something with carmel is always my favorite. as a kid I would get carmel cashew then I loved pralines and cream I have not had ice cream for a while (trying to be good) so I dont remember the name of my favorite carmel ice cream right now but everything carmel is great!

Shay said...

I'm a complete weirdo ,I dont really like icecream....

If I was to eat some (which I do maybe once or twice a year )I'd go for licorice or double dutch chocolate.

It seems the US has stacks more flavours than we do in Australia too...whats up with that?

Thanks for popping in and making everyone run out to buy icecream Elizabeth. You're going to be blamed for weight gain all over the world this week...

Marg said...

OOOh my favourite Ben and jerry's is Choc chip Cookie Dough. I haven't seen Milk and Cookies yet, but when I do I'll have to try it.
I love hazelnut gelato too. Now you've made me want to eat ice cream!

thea said...

Yummy!! My favorite is Coffee Heathbar Crunch .. I might even have to get some tomorrow ..

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I'm afraid I'm with Shay, although the So Good soy chocolate is yummy.....never seems to be in the shops though. I do like sorbet, mango is my favourite :-)

Annelise said...

mmmmm ice cream! definitely my guilty pleasure always. we have lots of the same favorites . . . i remember going to Baskin Robbins for our free birthday cone growing up, I'd always get rainbow sherbet or daquiri ice. and im a sucker for chocolate peanut butter. i just finished off a peanut butter cup ben and jerry's the other night. and now i think im going to have some ice cream for breakfast.

Jennifer Lovell said...

Ice cream is super yummy. I usually feel guilty eating it though :(, which is very sad indeed.

Angie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm...cherry garcia. ;)