Monday, May 23, 2011

Various and Sundry Monday: Vol. 8

If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination, which would you choose?Robert Brault

Rainy Monday Music Spot Again: 3 AM
Living in a desert state, rain is a fairly uncommon occurrence, which is why I always have to give you a weather report. I'll bet we've had an entire year's rainfall in the past month. And I just can't get over it. It is so amazingly beautiful to me. I know that so much moisture is causing rivers to overflow their banks; flooding is a real danger for parts of the state. But to me each drop is truly a miracle and I am loving all this rain. I don't know if you love rain as much as I do, but I would share it with you if I could. Since that's not possible, how about a little rainy music?

Déjà Vu All Over Again
If you read P.'s blog, you'll know that she spent Saturday out in her gardens, and when 6:00 passed she was in the kitchen feeling the after-effects. I oohhed and ahhed over her pansies and drooled over her hostas and realized that I spent my Saturday in exactly the same way she did, right down to the aching muscles {boy are my gardening muscles out of shape!} and making dinner while the world was supposed to be ending.

So, I decided to post a few gardening pictures of my own. But I don't have pansies this year and my ground cover choked out the astilbe and the snails have already started chewing holes through the hostas.

I managed to get a shot where the damaged leaves are hidden, but I'm a little fed up with the snail population in my garden. Last year they ate my favorite hostas — the first perennials I bought after we moved here — to the ground before they'd barely begun to leaf out and killed them dead. Luckily, I gave my neighbor some cuttings a few years ago and she said I could have some back. But still. I'm not to happy about it and I'm beginning to wonder if Snail Bait is actually something that attracts them and makes them all happy so they want to stay and invite all their little snail friends. For a really beautiful garden, make sure you go check out P.'s post.

Full Steam Ahead
I'm making progress on Mr. Bug's T-Shirt quilt. I got the label finished up and put into the back.

I've also got about ¾ of the marking on the quilt top done. Nothing fancy — just straight lines, but I decided that since I have to mark it, I wanted to mark it on the 30˚ degree angle instead of the 45˚.

I'm off to finish marking it and hopefully I can also get it pin basted before bedtime. I'm excited to be nearing another finish!


Paulette said...

Rest assured that in a month from now, the snails will be having a PARTAY! in my hostas. I just let them do what they do. They haven't managed to kill anything yet. Hey, I've heard that beer in a shallow lid placed under the plant attracts snails and they die...happy, I guess. Haven't tried it but I think of it every year.

Love the way you're planning to quilt the shirt quilt. And that pocket is just too cool. So what do you use to mark it with?

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I feel the same way about rain as you do - bring it on! Love the sound, love the smell, and just plain enjoy it :) Your quilt for Mr. Bug is looking fantastic!

Jill said...

I have always really loved the rain, too. But this much makes me wonder if we're supposed to collect and store it for 7 years of famine? Not that we don't know what a dry year looks like or anything...
But, I DON'T really love the rain when I've got a house full of little hooligans (most of whom are not mine) and cannot send them outside for 3 WEEKS in a row. Today, after I dropped Lizard Boy at school, I pulled in my driveway with a van full of children. And I looked at the rain...I turned off the car and sat there with my eyes closed as I listened to the sound of the rain on the windshield, on the roof... Then Mouse pipes up, "Lets go inside!" It was peaceful, until his voice reminded me that the drumming sound of the rain meant another day with a house full of wild children with what may be a mild case of cabin fever. Hurrah. Only 3 more days until school's out.

Shay said...

Mr Bugs quilt looks wonderful and that label is amazing. That type of quilting will be perfect- very manly.

It's been raining here like billy-o because it's autumn .Im less than thrilled with the prospect of another four - 5 months of it. Glad you can enjoy yours.

mom said...

I also love the rain! Robin and I desided we are moving to Seattle or somewere in Oregon where it rains most every day! Ha Ha! I love the cooler weather it leaves too. I just don't know what everybody around me is complaining about it for. It will be hot all to soon.