Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Has Google Stopped Waving You Off Yet?

Better out than in, I always say. –Shrek

I'm having difficulty settling. What, you ask, does that mean? I'm having a hard time settling on where to direct my energy. I'm having a hard time settling on what to do with the Sesame Street quilt. I'm having a hard time settling on what to blog about. When I feel all anxious anxious and unsettled, it helps for me to talk it over or write it all down. Shrek is a very wise man. Better out, indeed. At the moment, there's no one available for the “”talking it out option.” Welcome to my crazy train of thought.

First things first. If you're here, then you have obviously chosen to ignore the dire warnings that the Shabby Blogs content on my blog is laced with malware. Or perhaps you didn't get the memo? Either way, I'm glad you're here. Thank you for reading. I'm having a hard time settling on what to do about this alleged malware infestation. It happened once before, a month or so ago. I just ignored it then, and it went away. I'm hoping that will happen again, because I really, really, really don't have time for a blog makeover. Part of me wants to believe it is a phish and when you click on the “safe browsing tips” is when you actually get attacked by malware. 215 people have visited my blog in the last 24 hours, so it appears that what I've got going on over here is interesting enough to risk it. I guess for the moment, I'm settling on ignoring it and hoping it will go away. If you end up with malware, send me your computer and Mr. Bug will fix you right up, free of charge.

I took a little field trip in the middle of that last paragraph to see if Shabby Blogs had any sort of comment on their blog or site regarding the malware situation. Of course, the site has the most sinister of malware warnings, and I didn't risk it to find out whether or not they actually do have malware. But that's actually not what I wanted to ask you. Have you seen today's Fabergé Google Doodle? Stunning, isn't it? And there's no malware warning to wave you off seeing it.

I guess the next issue I want to address is that I'm having a hard time deciding where to settle my energy. I seem to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, but there is still vacuuming and grocery shopping and a mountain of laundry to do. I think this is a direct result of not being able to settle on a layout for the Sesame Street quilt since discovering that there are enough new designs {coupled with previously released designs I'd omitted from my layout} to make an even bigger and better quilt.

I spent the morning rearranging blocks and looking through my fabrics. I decided I needed to make a color chart for my Moda Marbles so I could see what I had and decide what I need to get if I enlarge my layout. That sidetracked me to updating my Fairy Frost color chart and somehow, I ended up tweaking my Dish programming. We've been paying for Blockbuster @Home for about six months now through our Dish subscription and not using it. It is similar to Netflix, only the same service we are paying for on Netflix is $7 cheaper through Blockbuster. The best bit is that there is not additional charge for Blu-ray, so we've activated our Blockbuster subscription, we're dropping Netflix, I downgraded us from 295 channels to 235 and we'll be saving $27 a month. Wohoo!

As you can see, unsettled is an understatement.

The line my crazy train of thought is running has sent some thoughts running for cover and dislodged others to bounce about looking, themselves, for a place to settle. And all this commotion has me trying to settle on a subject for posting. I've got about five things to choose from and have decided that each of these subjects deserve their own post. Putting them into one big crazy quilt post will not do them justice, which has me unsettled because posting more than once is day is just plain needy.

However, I've decided that I don't care if I appear to be needy. I'm going to post what is rattling around in my brain. Separately. And perhaps all on the same day. Most of you will probably miss most of the commotion because apparently . . .

. . . here there be malware.


Shay said...

I think ignoring it worked. Im not getting the malaware message anymore!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the Malware might be coming from a Linky of another web site. I tried to go to Shabby Blog link in your post and Google says the link is broken.

Most Web sites that push Malware is the result of a Link on the site pushing it for you.

No warning today

Paulette said...

I haven't had a problem coming here or elsewhere that had a Shabby Blogs design.

Unsettled...I can relate. Sometimes I think the brain has to partition a little portion just to process whatever problem it's working on, and the everything else just sort of bounces around willy-nilly in the meantime. Once the thing is figured out, things feel more in order. I think it's good to do something else for a while during this processing.

QuiltNut Creations said...

I had a blog reader email me last week to tell me that I had the malware warning on my blog. My fix was easy, I had a Twilight blinkie on my blog that I removed. Was surprised that Shabby Blogs didn't say anything about any of it.

Hope you are feeling settled soon.