Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HMQS: Best of Show

I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be. –Ken Venturi, Success Secrets of Super Achievers

Attending the Home Machine Quilting Show was really fun. I didn't take any classes {see also; new dishwasher} but did volunteer as a quilt monitor. My ulterior motive for volunteering was to get to see the quilts without paying admission. My job was to walk around the quilt displays giving plastic gloves to anyone trying to touch the quilts. When I checked in the woman who marked me off told me that I could take pictures as I wandered. It was a pretty sweet gig.

My first mission, while looking out for quilt-touchers, was to find my quilt. It was exciting. Once that was done, I took pictures of quilting motifs I want to try. Then I started to feel overwhelmed at all the beautiful quilts at the show. My little daisy among all those roses was starting to look more and more like a wilted dandelion. I started thinking about all the quilts I would never have time to make and that I will probably never be a show-stopping quilter. I wished that I could quilt full-time. It was a little sad.

And then I met the Best of Show winner. Her quilt is called America, Let it Shine.

I don't even know her name, but she is a mom, just like me, fitting in her quilting time between kids and chores and whatever else that life throws at her. She likes to draw her quilt designs out, just like me. And just like me, she works with the things that are available to her. She pieced and quilted this beautiful tribute to America on her 20 year-old Bernina.

I realized that I don't have to better than everybody else. I remembered that someone else's successes don't make me a failure. I was happy just to be a quilter—a better quilter than I was two years ago, and a member of a world-wide quilting community.

Putting a quilt in the HMQS was on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. I've got a few days less than eight months to work on my list, which makes it good timing for a little update.

I've checked a few things off my list since I posted the finished version of it, I have a few more things in the works, and was actually glad to be reminded of what is on there.

I'd forgotten about the tutorials. Two of them are half-written.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Bug is on board for taking the Little Bugs to Disney World in the fall.

I might have to re-think my goal of reading 5 books I haven't already read. I love to read, but you can't multi-task while you do it unless you listen to an audio book, which is just not the same thing.

I've discovered, in my pursuit to learn to love mornings, that it isn't mornings that I dislike. It is the waking up that I dislike. And conversely, I dislike going to bed at night, even though I very often wish I could during the middle of the day.

Posts about most of the things I've checked off the list:
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Tutorials completed: FMQ Swirls


Paulette said...

Great post, Elizabeth. You have articulated what I think is a very common feeling among us quilters. I'm glad for your articulation of your realization as well. So true, and profound. Would that we could all bear that in mind and heart.

That quilt is a stunner! I can only imagine how much better it even looked in person. Wow.

Doesn't it feel good to have a few things checked off your list? I have to giggle every time I see "Go thrifting." I need to take that OFF my to-do list, probably, LOL.

whimsyfox said...

I agree with P. that you articulated well the common feeling amongst quilters. I would add that it's a common feeling amongst us mothers, amongst women. We all have mental (and written) lists of all the things we could do, want to do, should do, and we are constantly trying to find a ballance while trying to carve out time to explore our creativity. And we all carry around feelings of inadequacies & guilt that try to weigh down our efforts. But we have to come to the point where we recognize our progress & successes, however small, and just keep swimming. And remember, It all counts!

I can help you mark off 4 of those in one shot: batiks, pedicure, weekend gettaway, photoshop. Just need to set a date! :D

whimsyfox said...

Oh, and did I miss the picture of your entry?

Deanna said...

We were at the show, too. Daughter entered a quilt in the youth division: Prom Night. It was our first show and really well run. Thanks to you and everyone for their efforts.

And, my question is Iris's: Where is your quilt?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

That first quilt her name is Sherry Reynolds, and her quilt made the cover of Quilter's Newsletter magazine Jun/Jul 2012 and the full article is on page 64. I oooooo and ahhhhhhhed over that quilt. It must of been even more gorgeous in person. The back is spectacular too! Keep going on the list. You can check off some more. As for me it is 3am, I am wide awake after a 4 hour nap, heading to the sewing room to work on the double wedding ring I cut out last Sunday, and haven't been able to one stitch in it because my daughter has been around every day this week in the evening. The wedding is in less than 5 weeks. I will sew for a few hours then go back to bed for another long nap.

Jennifer Lovell said...

I like that you made a discovery about mornings. The more you learn about the struggle, the closer you'll be to overcoming it!