Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out With the Old: 2012 Finishes in Review

That's the motivation of an artist — to seek attention of some kind. –James Taylor

I kind of felt like I was moving in slow motion this year. I'm always looking for the balance between satisfying the everyday have-to's and still finding time for the the really, really want-to's. Looking back, I finished more than I thought. It is kind of nice to see a whole year's worth of work all in one spot.

Today's post brought to you by:
My 2012 Finishes


Paulette said...

I love seeing your beautiful finishes in collage!

Finding that balance is a noble and worthwhile goal, and you are in good company in your quest. Here's to balance and creativity in this brand new year!

Shay said...

Considering the juggle you did all year I think your finishes are fabulous.

In looking round Blogland I think we all accomplish so much more in a year than we think we do.