Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giveaway Goodness & Where to Win A Go!

I think overall in the scheme of things winning an Emmy is not important. Let's get our priorities straight. I think we all know what's really important in life - winning an Oscar. -Ellen DeGeneres

I've had a string of luck with giveaways lately and I believe some public thank-you's are due!

First, to P. at The Way I Sew It, who hosted 5 fantastic days of giveaways leading up to her birthday, I want to thank you for these totally cool notecards {which I have had so much fun using} and the awesome black and white fat quarters {which I'm dreaming of using in a hundred different ways}. Check P. out. She is crafty, funny and tall. The perfect combination!

Next, a thank-you to Kaye at Miss Print who also hosted a huge birthday bash, and to John at Quilt Dad who was one of her prize sponsors, for this awesome Moda Marbles Jelly Roll. I totally Moda Marbles and have big plans for this baby.

I also owe a thank-you to Jen, who just had a big birthday party at Renalilly Designs, and her prize sponsor, Karen, of Karen's Quilting Service for 50% off all-over machine quilting. I've been putting off doing a baby quilt with minkee backing because I'm afraid it will be too bulky and heavy for me, a total novice, to do.

And last, but certainly not least, a thanks to Karen at Sew Many Ways, who does a Sharing on Sunday giveaway every week, just because she's awesome. I won during July, when her theme was Christmas in July and got this fantastic peppermint scented stationery with matching envelopes and stickers. I send out about a hundred Christmas cards every year and include a little family newsletter, so this is perfect!

While I'm running such a streak of good luck, I thought I'd see if I can win a Go! Cutter from AccuQuilt. To increase my chances of winning share the love, I'm posting about these awesome giveaways for another entry, {which technically decreases my chances of winning because you all want one too and will go enter these giveaways. But everybody loves lots of entries when they host a giveaway, so I'm playing along. But seriously, please don't go enter, because I really need want a Go! Cutter}.

Quilt Hollow
Winners will be announced on August 26, so hurry for this one.

Sew Cindy
I love this one. It is a one day giveaway which ends on August 26 at 4:00 am MST, so hurry for this one too.

A La Mode Fabric
Heather is giving a pop-quiz {which I am never good at} so think of your favorite cartoon before you go check her out. Giveaway closes on August 27 at 9:00 pm PST.

Freckled Whimsy
There are lots of ways to enter this giveaway, which ends on August 27 at 9:00 pm CST.

Canton Village Quilt Works
If you haven't met Jackie, check her out. Giveaway ends on August 28.

Sweet P Quilting
She's done an awesome quilt with the strip cutter. Winners will be posted the morning of August 31.

Sew Many Ways
Karen is so creative. She's posted lots of fun ways to use the Go! Cutter dies. Giveaway ends September 1.

And with all this giveaway talk, I couldn't help but leave you with a little teaser :wink:. I've got something fun in the works, so be watching for a giveaway from me soon.


QuiltNut Creations said...

congrats! those are some fantastic prizes

Shay said...

People I know seem to have been very lucky lately. It's so cool to see people I care about getting lucky!

Enjoy your wonderful new things.

Paulette said...

You are on a roll, girl! Glad to see everything arrived in good shape.

I'm going to check out the GO giveaways. Maybe some of your luck will rub off!

Unknown said...

What a lucky girl you are. I hope you win the Go! Cutter. I would love to have one of them too. Hmmm... perhaps I will have to visit some of those blogs!

Rebecca said...

WOW! You are definitely on a winning streak!! Congrats on winning a Go!Cutter!