Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snowball Night: Week 10

Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets. -Unknown

After all the late nights and crazy deadline sewing I did last week, it was nice to do some relaxing, just for fun stitching today. Snowball night has been really fun for me. Karen over at Sew Many Ways is hosting this quilt-along and suggested that you choose one day a week to put together a few snowball blocks {however many your schedule allows} with the idea that you'll have a nice snowball quilt when the snow starts to fall {if you live in the Northern Hemisphere}. I kind of broke my no new projects policy and joined {but then again, I'm always breaking my no new projects policy, so what is new?}. Karen gave lots of examples of pretty snowball quilts and I pulled fabrics from my stash to make my own version of this. I've finished my first snowball quilt {yes, two identical quilts :crazy:} and have started work on the second.

I sewed one corner on to each of the 48 blocks and also sewed and pressed the left-over corner pieces to make into baby snowballs for the back.
It went really quick to just do it a bit at a time like this. Last time, I sewed all the corners, trimmed and then did all the pressing and the pressing seemed to go on for years. I think I'm going to do one more corner on each of the blocks for the next three weeks and then I'll have them all finished.

If you're interested in joining the quilt-along, there really is no deadline to this. As you can see, I'm technically just starting on my snowball quilt and I'm taking it slower than the first so I'll be at it for a while. Karen has listed all the participants on her blog and you can sign up there and then browse the other participants' blogs for inspiration. They have all done really beautiful work.

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