Friday, January 21, 2011

Favourite Things Friday: John Denver

Ladies and gentlemen, with us tonight is one of the good guys of contemporary music, Mr. John Denver. –Kermit the Frog

There is something about John Denver's music that I just love. His voice is so pure and his songs are so passionate. His music is just beautiful. One of my favorite songs of all time just happens to be by John Denver, Annie's Song. I have it in my iPod and it is one of my most listened to songs; I don't think I will ever get tired of listening to it. The lyrics are incredibly romantic. Can you imagine your significant other writing something like this for you?
Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again.

In the movie, My Best Friend's Wedding, Annie's Song gets a little cameo when three boys suck in some helium from the balloons and then sing it in three-part harmony. So fun!

OK, so I know I went a little overboard in this post with the YouTube videos, but I really wanted to share my favorites and Playlist doesn't work for international visitors. So, feel free to pick and choose which of the videos you watch. I really love these next two songs, Country Boy and Take Me Home, Country Roads. They are also in my most played section on my iPod.

And here is some fun with the Muppets. John Denver did a couple of different specials with the Muppets and it was always a lot of fun. I have the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas CD and love it {yep, it is on my iPod, too}. Here are a couple of non-Christmas clips. These are both so much fun! I think my favorite is the singing Foxglove :lol:.

And I couldn't resist John Denver & Julie Andrews singing Edelweiss. The harmony he sings is so beautiful.

Thanks, John, for adding a little beauty to the world.

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Jennifer Lovell said...

A little beauty, no kidding. He really did add a huge amount of musical beauty to our world. I enjoyed those clips, especially the last one. Talk about two pure talents together--woohoo! I love Julie Andrews' voice. Thanks for that fun post!

Next I'd like to request a spotlight on another world-class world beautifier, Hugh Jackman!!

Shay said...

John Denver was one of the first people to bring country music to Australia. I recall my parents really getting into it and so therefore so did us kids.

So tragic the way he passed away.

I can totally see you rocking with John. Love that this is one of your favourites E.

Marie said...

okay so Annie and I grew up a couple a miles and years apart(and some of her family is still here) !!! so lots of JD memories here in hooterville and all of them good! ... my one and only encounter was the highlight of 1982!!!!

Marg said...

Gee that brings back memories. I must say I did enjoy John Denver way back then but haven't listened to much of his music in the last few years. Thanks for the memories:)

Diane said...

Thankyou I enjoyed that.

Sarah Craig said...

I have to say that brings back memories to me too - I sang Annie's Song as a high school chorus solo, and went to see John Denver in concert in 1974? 1975? somewhere around then.... He was awesome!

thea said...

Thanks for the memories. One of my best friends in high school was a big, big fan! I loved his music back then. They used to play (and I would sign) Thank God I'm a country Boy for the seventh inning stretch at Oriole games -- don't know if they still do.

Wanda said...

Well JD really takes me down memory lane! My husband and I would listen to him on lots of our early trips to Lake Tahoe. When we married we didn't have a lot of time to audition bands for the reception and it was Christmas so not so many options as well. We ended up hiring a band by referral without hearing them (first mistake)and then asked them if they could play Annies Song for our first dance and they said yes,but when we got to the reception they told us no they couldn' music for that!!! I've regretted that forever, but we still think Annies Song is our first dance song! :)Lovely for you to share with us.