Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Stitch in Time: 2011 Finishes Index

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. –Henry Ford

In 2010 I kept a running tally of all of the projects that I finished throughout the year. I loved having a place to catalogue all of the things I finished in one year's time and found a huge amount of satisfaction in looking over the list as it grew, knowing that in all of my sewing madness, I was actually getting a few things done. It worked so well for me that I'm going to continue to keep track of my finishes again this year in the same way that I did last year. As the year progresses, I'll update this new index to include a link to each sewing or quilting project that I finish.

If you'd like to do something similar, click here for instructions on how to use my 2011 Finishes sidebar button to link directly to your own index.

Here are my 2011 Finishes!
  • January (thirty-two finishes)
Five Adult Bibs
Scrappy Red and Apples & Pears Abbey Bags
Four Church Bags
Four Double Pinwheel String Quilt Journals
Fifteen Twilighty Fabric Postcards
Scrappy Pink & Brown Abbey Bag
Apron № 105

  • February (six finishes)
Two Fleece Baby Blankets
Apron № 106: Apples & Pears Giveaway
Children's Reversible Apples & Pears Apron
Apron № 107: Another Apples & Pears
Grandpa's Candy Dish Quilt

  • March (six finishes)
Machine Quilting and Binding for Hire
Pink & Black Pinwheel Quilt and Fancy Pillowcase
Cozy Posies Stacked Coins Quilt in Frolic
Magic Jelly Roll Quilt in Frolic
Apron № 108: Rose Garden

  • April (zero finishes)

  • May (two finishes)
Tweet Tweet Stacked Coins Quilt
T-Shirt Memory Quilt

  • June (one finish)
Rainbow Sherbet Snowball Quilt

  • July (six finishes)
Three Hexie Art Journals
Three More Hexie Art Journals

  • August (zero finishes)

  • September (two finishes)
Two Hexie Art Journals

  • October (two finishes)
Skirt & Red Riding Hood Cape

  • November (six finishes)
Four Fancy Pillowcases
Sudoku Quilt
Kimono Garden Table Runner

  • December (sixteen finishes)
Poultry in Motion: Le Chanticleer Table Runner
Apron № 109: Roses in Winter
Five Fancy Pillowcases
Sunday Squares Table Runner
Eight More Fancy Pillowcases
Glad of Heart Table Runner


Paulette said...

That's a great idea, Elizabeth. I was wishing I had something like that when I thought briefly about doing a year in review. The thought of poring through my old posts was overwhelming.

Good luck with your 2011 finishes!

Shay said...

I did this (sort of /kind of ) last year with my sidebar list. I like this idea too.

I had a look at your 2010 list. Good grief - how much sewing did you get done last year! I think seeing it all in one spot puts it all in perspective.

I'll be watching this space with interest and cheering you on with whatever you decide to do.