Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Week of Giveaways: Winners' Roll-Call

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.
–Traditional Folk Song

I just love giveaways. They are so fun when you win, but I think it is even more fun to host. You get to hear from all your old bloggy friends and it gives you a chance to meet lots of interesting, talented and kind new bloggy friends. Thank you to everyone who entered :smooch:. I loved reading your comments, visiting your blogs and I was really happy with the response I got to the prizes I am offering. I wish I could give a little something to each one of you. But that's not how this goes. As usual, I had my adorable helpers, LadyBug and Grasshopper and my handsome husband, Mr. Bug, help me do the drawings. And so, without any further ado, on to the winners.

• $50 Long-Arm Machine Quilting Gift Certificate
Drawn by LadyBug

Congratulations to
:partytime: P. :partytime:
of The Way I Sew It

who said: Happy blog anniversary and happy birthday to come! I like Angie's bright Butterfly Quilt, but I really do like them ALL! Such a talented quilter!

I want to send a huge thank you to Angie for sponsoring this giveaway. You are the best :hug:. P., I think you'll be very pleased with Angie's work. She is an excellent quilter and an all-around good egg. Check your e-mail for details.

• Apples & Pears Apron
Drawn by Grasshopper

Congratulations to
:partytime: Joyce :partytime:

who said: Thanks for the opportunity to win this great apron. LOVE it!

Congratulations, Joyce! I'll make your apron as soon as you let me know which size you want {size chart on giveaway post} and what color of ruffle and pocket {pink or green} you'd like. If this is the Joyce that I know, you'll be hearing from me, so check your inbox. If this is a new Joyce that I don't know yet, you didn't leave any contact information with your comment, so I'm crossing my fingers that you'll check back and see that you've won. Please e-mail me within 5 days to claim your prize.

• Apples & Pears Abbey Bag
Drawn by Mr. Bug

Congratulations to
:partytime: PaTcHwOrK jEnN :partytime:
of Patchwork Possibilities and sew much more

who said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your birthday is turning out wonderful. I figure mine can only get better. My 2 yo woke me up by peeing on me. :wink:

Jenn and I share the same birthday and I think it is really cool that she won the giveaway that I posted on our birthday. Jenn, I hope your birthday ended better than it started! Enjoy your new pincushion. Check your e-mail for details.

• $35 CSN Stores Gift Certificate
Drawn by LadyBug

Congratulations to
:partytime: Brenda :partytime:
of Quilting Along Life's Way

who said: Sounds great! I would love to try their store.

I want to thank the folks at CSN for sponsoring this giveaway! I loved being able to include it in my special giveaway week! Brenda, you lucky girl! This is the second time you've won a giveaway from me {how's the pink sleep mask working for you?}! I hope you have a really great time finding the perfect thing to spend your gift certificate on. Check your e-mail for details.

• Double Pinwheel String Quilt Journal
Drawn by Grasshopper

Congratulations to
:partytime: Patty :partytime:
of momloves2quilt

who said: Your journal cover is so cute. I just love it!

Patty, congratulations! I appreciate you stopping by to enter! I peeked over at your blog and you do amazing work. I hope you enjoy this little journal for writing down quilting ideas and sketching out designs. Check your e-mail for details.

• Fabric Die Cutting with the Go!
Drawn by Mr. Bug

Congratulations to
:partytime: Lee :partytime:

who said: What a lovely giveaway — you are so very nice to do this! I would love to make a sunflower dresden quilt for my daughter! Thanks!

Lee, that sunflower dresden is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to cut it for you. While I'm at it, I'll probably have to cut one for myself. Congratulations! Check your e-mail for details.

• Scrappy Red Abbey Bag
Drawn by LadyBug

Congratulations to
:partytime: Michelle :partytime:
of The Prairie Quilter

who said: Okay, Elizabeth, here is the prize I'm shooting for with my extra entry for changing to your new button.

Michelle, congratulations! I really enjoyed putting this together and I hope it makes your sewing space {and your winter :hug:} a little more cheery. Check your e-mail for details.


Maggey and Jim said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners.. Great to get a giveaway..

Shay said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks for hosting Elizabeth.

Barb said...

Congrats to all of the winners...I know a few of them and they are wonderful fellow bloggers!!

Paulette said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Congrats to the other winners. You are a very generous soul, and I hope many good things come your way in the year ahead!

Lee said...

Elizabeth - thank you! I am gong to make that Sunflower quilt thanks to help from you! Wishing you many many happy birthdays!