Friday, August 19, 2011

Favourite Things Friday: Zucchini

Zucchini's terrific!
Like bunnies, prolific!

I love this time of year. All the home-grown produce is ripening up and everything just tastes better when it is fresh from the garden. Although I'm not a huge fan of vegetables, for some strange reason I have adopted zucchini as a summer cooking staple. I just think it adds something delicious to any dish. Lately, we've been enjoying lots of really yummy zucchini dishes and we'll continue enjoying them as long as I can get my hands on zucchini fresh from the garden. Tonight, we had Two-Bean Chicken Chili. It was so good. I dug through the archives and here are links to all my favorite zucchini recipes, so if you like zucchini {or even if you don't; you might if you try these recipes} you can try a new dish or two.

Italian Chicken Pasta Toss
Two-Bean Chicken Chili
Zucchini and Cheese Soup
Zucchini and Chicken Bake
Zucchini, Chicken and Rice Casserole

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Michelle Ridgway said...

Love fresh vegies and love zuchini fritters. Yum!

Paulette said...

Zucchini is great, so versatile. I'm going to give your meatloaf recipe (sans breadcrumbs) a try. Happy FTF!

Marg said...

When BP was a lot younger and didn't like vegies I used to grate zucchini into lots of things like meatloaf, spaghetti sauces. My faves are zucchini fritters and I have a fabulous chocolate and zucchini cake recipe. I'm going to have a look at your recipes now.

Shay said...

I'm a tad disappointed Elizabeth - I thought you were my soul sister in un-vegie-ness!

Im totally kidding. I also eat zucchini occasionally but I'm often stuck for recipes that I might like. I guess I don't have that problem now!

Thanks for sharing your love of zucchini this week.

Mindy said...

I had the most wonderful brownies this summer made with zucchini!