Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Must Ask . . . How Many Children Do You Have?

A characteristic of the normal child is he doesn't act that way very often. –Unknown

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity about how many e-mails you all have. 35% had 800 or more and 23% had 10 or less. Combining the totals, the majority of you have 50 or fewer e-mails. And, although I can't be 100% positive, it looks to me like you're either a keeper or not.

Today, we're talking numbers again. I want to know about your families. I am the oldest of six kids. Growing up with that many brothers and sisters was pretty awesome. It was sometimes a little crazy and sometimes we had to make do. But mostly it was great. Mr. Bug is the oldest of eight brothers and sisters. We're kind of big on families in Utah. I have a neighbor who has ten kids. Ten clean-cut, well-mannered, helpful, kind and cheerful children. I'm wondering if I can get adopted into their family. I always thought I would have lots of kids too. But we just have two, LadyBug and Grasshopper. And I love our family. I think we're just the right size for who we are.

This week, Grasshopper turned twelve. LadyBug will be ten on her next birthday. I'm going to have to quit calling them the Little Bugs, because they're not so little anymore. But the Medium-Size Bugs just doesn't have the same ring to it. Twelve is kind of a big deal. We've been partying all week long and we're going to keep partying for a while longer. We're taking a few of Grasshopper's friends for laser tag and pizza on Saturday and then next weekend, we've invited the Grandparents and a few cousins over for lunch on Sunday. It is fun to celebrate special milestones with my children as they grow. And I would love to hear about your families. Today, I must ask . . . how many kids do you have?


SewSara said...

i voted four - i hope that's not cheating since technically #4 is still growing inside me. :)

Jennifer Lovell said...

We originally thought we'd have 6, 'cause we're each one of 6 kids. We made it as far as 4 : ). I'm still in the "I don't know if there will be a #5" stage, believe it or not, but for now, we're at least 70% sure that we're done.

Happy big 1-2 to Grasshopper : ).

Angie said...

5...enough said!