Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love & Hate Tuesday

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
–Attr. John Watson

Love: blogging and reading blogs
Hate: that I don’t have more time to blog, read blogs, comment and reply to comments

Love: the beautiful the fall colors and the lovely weather
Hate: the shorter days and the fact that winter is right around the corner

Love: rainy days
Hate: days that just pretend they are going to rain

In reverse order:
Hate: migraines and the frequency with which I have been having them lately
Love: a little Ben & Jerry’s to help quell the pain

Love: keeping lists in little notebooks
Hate: losing a notebook

Love: weekends
Hate: the short duration

Love: the quiet after the kids have gone to bed
Hate: the 30 minutes immediately preceding bed-time

Love: staying up late
Hate: mornings

Love: sewing and quilting
Hate: frog stitching

Love & Hate format heisted from Heidi who 'jacked it from Janet.

1 comment:

Paulette said...

Love this Love/Hate post. I'm with you on many of these (fall/blogs/weekends, especially). Hope your headache is gone. Hate headaches!