Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandma Week 2012: Day 5, Bumper Cars, Bowling & the Aquatic Center Do-Over

Family: A social unit where the father is concerned with parking space, the children with outer space, and the mother with closet space. –Evan Esar

Today we went to a fun center. All the attractions are 99 cents during the summer. We started out with bumper cars. We had two more people than they had bumper cars, so we split into groups; big kids and little kids. It was super fun!
{l to r: Cap'n Underpants, Mouse, Mantis, Roly Poly}

Then we went bowling. Someone put on her flip-flops and forgot to bring socks. She had to buy a pair from the vending machine. At least they were stripey and cute.
{My new vending machine socks. Turns out they were lucky; I got two strikes, a spare and bowled a 103! Wohoo!}

Quote of the day:
Andrew, age [a few days short of] 21
So, Jill, I see you brought your own bowling ball.
{Grandma, Jill, Andrew}

Roly Poly took his bowling seriously. I think he bowled an 86.
{I asked Roly Poly about his socks. His reply: "They're Boise State."}

After bowling and lunch, we we went to our favorite indoor/outdoor aquatic center. We attempted a swim day during part 1 of our Grandma Week this year, but it was a bust. The management was gracious enough to issue us free admission for a return trip.

Quote of the day #2
Lizard Boy, age 7
I was three dollars [to get in] but now I'm free dollars.

{Lizard Boy}

Swim day is LadyBug's favorite. I love that smile!
{Roly Poly, LadyBug, Andrew}

{Andrew, Grasshopper}

Quote of the day #3
Mouse, age 5
After borrowing Andrew's swim goggles and exploring the underwater world . . .
From my observation of goggles, mom's feet are not touching the ground.


Barb said...

What fun!!!!

Paulette said...

Sounds like a fun day. Kids say the funniest things!