Monday, August 20, 2012

Grandma Week 2012: Day 8, There's Only One ... Lagoon

I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.
–Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford, "Identity Crisis," M*A*S*H

Today was the last day of Grandma Week for 2012. Most everyone started the day by going to the Brigham City Temple open house. Grasshopper had an school orientation this morning that we felt was important for him to attend, so LadyBug, Grasshopper and I went to the open house on Saturday, and made a quick trip home for Grasshopper's thing at school.

Then we met at Lagoon around midday.
{back row l to r: Jeremy, Julie, Miss Butterfly, Grasshopper, Mr. Bug, Elizabeth
front row l to r: Mantis, Cap'n Underpants, Roly Poly, LadyBug, Grandma}

What with all the fun things to do I don't think we were all together at one time to get a photo of the full group.
{Mark & Pixie}

Because of the varied activities and interests we split up into groups so that the little people could ride on the little people rides, and the crazy people could ride on the big scary rides and the sane people could ride on the more sensible rides. LadyBug is a die-hard roller coaster fan, just like her mom and grandma. She rode six of the nine coasters {only because we ran out of time}, including the incredibly intimidating Wicked {riders launch straight up a 110-foot tower at 41 mph and over the top of the first hill, which then makes a 180˚ turn and plummets straight back down. The ride continues through through steep valleys, high-banked turns, a half-pipe, and a heart-roll inversion, achieving speeds of up to 55 mph.} We laughed, we ate delicious-but-horrible-at-the-same-time amusement park fast food, we faced mortal peril and came out victors! It was an awesome day and an awesome way to end Grandma Week.

Thank you, mom, for a really fun week! I love you!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Sounds like fun was had by all. Great way to end an amazing event. Thanks for sharing.

Paulette said...

I think my tummy did a flip-flop just reading about that roller coaster. Sounds like you all a great time!

mom said...

It was a really great week! I already miss all of the people and kids and stuff all over the house and the food and fun and excitement! I'll have to start thinking about what we can do next year! and then there's always Christmas!